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30 December 2008

Berlin By Night

Sometimes I pick music purely out of historical curiosity, as was the case with this interesting cd. From All Music Guide: This volume of songs, Berlin by Night, which marks German nightlife before and during Hitler's reign of horror, is one that showcases the desperate love of the people of Berlin for nocturnal enjoyment. Much of the music here was performed on State radio as well as in cabarets and in revues. The package features 20 tracks from the years listed as well as copious notes on each and every selection: author, arranger, performer, vocalist; and a paragraph or so surrounding the history of each track. Along with the "classics" of the era, such as Lale Andersen's "Lili Marlene" and Comedy Harmonists' "Wochenend und Sonnenschein," there is at least one cut that was a favorite of der Fuhrer's: Willi Forst's "Sag Biem Abschied Leise 'Servus." But it's not all dark and gloomy to be sure. There are bona fide German "jazz" hits such as Lilian Harvey and Willie Fritsch's "Ich Tanze Mit Dir In Den Himmel Hinen," and glorious vocalizing numbers like the Ludwig Ruth Orchestra and Metropol Vocalists on "Regentroffen." In all, this is a solid historical volume that tells its own story of a traversal, from sweet decadence to an attempt at cultural denial, and it's all assembled beautifully here by the historical department at EMI with fine sound. If historical music is your trip, this one is bound to grab you. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide Enjoy. +


1. Ungarwein (Gipsy Wine)
2. Ich Tanze Mit Dir in Den Himmel Hinein by Lilian Harvey
3. Gruss und Kuss Veronika by Weintraub's Syncopators
4. Regentropfen (Raindrops) by Ludwig Rüth Orchestra
5. Musik! Musik! Musik!
6. Arpanetta
7. Abends in Der Taverne by Wilhelm Strienz
8. Du Hast Glück Bei Den Frau'n Bel Ami by Lizzy Waldmüller
9. Wochenend' und Sonnenschein (Happy Days Are Here Again) by The Comedian Harmonists
10. Liebling, Mein Herz Lässt Dich Grüssen (Darling) by Lilian Harvey
11. Rosamunde [Polka] by Will Glahe
12. Liebe Ist Ein Geheimnis [Love Is a Secret]
13. O Mia Bella Napoli by Rudi Schuricke
14. Lili Marlene by Lale Anderson
15. Schönes Wetter Heute (Fine Weather Today) by Helmut Zacharias
16. Sing "Nachtigall, Sing" by Evelyn Künneke
17. Liebe, Kleine Schaffnerin by Rudolf Carl
18. Es Geht Alles Vorüber, Es Geht Alles Vorbei by Lale Anderson
19. Das Alte Spinnrad by Herbert Ernst Groh
20. Sag' Beim Abschied Leise "Servus" by Willi Forst


King Cole said...

Many thanks Chester for the orignal "Lili Marlene" by Lale Anderson. This reminds me the end of WW 2, I was than 7 years old.
Many of the others songs I remember aswell, they were very often on the radio in them days.
Best regards Herwig

Chester Proudfoot said...

I'm glad you like it Herwig, I think this cd is one of the best kept secrets from the era.

Malbone said...

Vapidshare link is now dead