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31 December 2008

The Little Things In Life

Another one I picked up merely because I liked other cds from their catalog. From All Music Guide Pianist/arranger Fred Rich led a first-class hot dance band during the second half of the 1920s and the first half of the '30s. He employed some of the most technically skilled white jazz players around in those segregated days, including clarinetist Benny Goodman, altoist/clarinetist Jimmy Dorsey, trombonist Tommy Dorsey, trumpeter Leo McConville, violinist Joe Venuti and guitarist Eddie Lang, among others. The overall result was melodic jazz-flavored dance music that often contained short bursts of all-out jazz. This initial CD from the TOM label has 22 strong examples of Rich's dance music; even the vocals (by Smith Ballew, Paul Small, possibly Dick Robertson and a Rhythm Boys-inspired group called the Rollickers) are good for the period. Highlights of the set include "Wishing and Waiting for Love," "Revolutionary Rhythm," "You're Lucky to Me," two versions of "I Got Rhythm," "Cheerful Little Earful" and "I'm Tickled Pink with a Blue-Eyed Baby." Some of the lyrics of the songs might be a bit insipid, but the music, which is easily recommended to vintage jazz collectors, is consistently enjoyable. ~ Scott Yanow
Enjoy. +


1. Why Can't You
2. Nobody But You
3. Wishing and Waiting for Love
4. Revolutionary Rhythm
5. Dixie Jamboree [#1]
6. He's So Unusual [#1]
7. Dixie Jamboree [#2]
8. He's So Unusual [#2]
9. You're Lucky to Me
10. Body and Soul
11. I Got Rhythm #1
12. I'll Be Blue Just Thinking of You
13. I Got Rhythm #2
14. Ukulele Moon
15. My Love for You
16. A Peach of a Pair
17. Someone Sang a Sweeter Song to Mary
18. Cheerful Little Earful
19. Baby's Birthday Party
20. Wedding of the Birds
21. The Little Things in Life
22. I'm Tickled Pink With a Blue-Eyed Baby


Anonymous said...

nice with the fred rich record. Is it a TOM ? The Old Masters ? How Do I send records to you ? This system of issuing is quite new to me

ola in Sweden

Chester Proudfoot said...

Yes, it's a TOM (as is the Gene Kardos post). You could send me a link to the file, I've added my email to my profile.