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10 December 2008

Wang Wang Blues

(from RedHotJazz.com) Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra was the most popular band of the 1920s and represented the apex of jazz to the general public. Over the years, critics and some musicians like Eddie Condon, have not had kind words to say about the band and have tended to represent Whiteman as a bad influence on the music in his attempts to "Make a lady out of Jazz". Whiteman also "discovered" Bing Crosby, one of many of his famous band hires. +

1. Wang Wang Blues
2. Whispering
3. Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
4. Footloose
5. Charlestonette
6. St. Louis Blues
7. Muddy Water
8. I'm Coming Virginia
9. Whiteman Stomp
10. Sensation Stomp
11. Lonely Melody
12. Mississippi Mud
13. Sugar
14. 'Tain't So, Honey, 'Tain't So
15. That's My Weakness Now
16. Felix the Cat
17. Because My Baby Don't Mean "Maybe" Now
18. China Boy
19. Oh, Miss Hannah
20. Rockin' Chair
21. Itchola
22. Farewell Blues


Chester Proudfoot said...

Scans of the cover and booklet info have been added to the post.

Anonymous said...

password please...

Chester Proudfoot said...

Read the info to your left...

vilstef said...

The rapidshare link is dead-I'd sure like to listen to this one.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to Wang-Wang again. ;-)