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15 December 2008

Melody From The Sky

I picked this up years ago solely for the Chick Bullock track, but was pleasantly surprised with the rest of this third volume of the first crooners. I would add a better image of the cover but I don't have a scanner and this is all I could find. Enjoy. +


01 Melody From The Sky - Lee Bennett
02 Music Maestro Please - Al Bowlly
03 While A Cigareete Was Burning - Carl Brisson
04 Two Sleepy People - Chick Bullock
05 You Are Too Beautiful - Buddy Clark
06 I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now - Perry Como
07 Don't Let That Moon Get Away - Bing Crosby
08 Blue Moon - Bob Crosby
09 This Year's Kisses - Skinnay Ennis
10 Easy To Love - Eddy Howard
11 We Can't Go On This Way - Nick Lucas
12 You're Slightly Terrific - Tony Martin
13 I Can't Get Started With You - Red McKenzie
14 In The Still Of The Night - Vaughn Monroe
15 Midnight Blue - Russ Morgan
16 September In The Rain - Dick Robertson
17 I'll Be Seeing You - Dick Todd
18 Soon (There'll Just Be Two Of Us) - Arthur Tracy
19 Everything You Said Came True - Dick Webster
20 Harbor Lights - Rudy Vallee


stereophobic said...

Slightly better resolution: http://image.allmusic.com/00/amg/cov200/drh000/h075/h07569psg7m.jpg

Chester Proudfoot said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks! It's wonderful! Is there any chance of you posting the remaining volumes?

Merry Christmas!

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome! I have volume two only and will post that as soon as I can get to it.

Chester Proudfoot said...

This link has been updated.

oldsouth said...


I am loving the music I got from you today! Not only does it really swing, but it is amazing how pleasant music was before rock. I hate to ask for more, but looking through the various artists section, I'm seeing a lot of collections that look fantastic, especially the ASV albums - there are a lot of deep catalog classics and standards on them. Also, I've never really heard the Mills Brothers, but I read that they were a major influence on Dean Martin. I'd love to give those albums a listen!

BTW, wasn't Chester Proudfoot a named mentioned on "Last of the Summer Wine"? I believe a Proudfoot dated Norah Batty(sp?)

oldsouth said...

Nix the Mills Bros - just realized that the are in the various category - reading through them all and trying to remember a bunch of things!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Oldsouth, Glad to hear you like the music. That's what this blog is for. I'm happy to re-up anything if you can post a comment to each individual post. This makes it much easier for me to keep organized.

I don't know about Last of the Summer Wine (great show!), but I borrowed the name from the 1950s radio show Gunsmoke. Chester Proudfoot is the name of Matt Dillon's deputy.

oldsouth said...

Oh yeah - I knew the name was familiar. BYW, I think the one on Last of the Summer Wine was Cyril Proudfoot. I love that show - its like the British Andy Griffith Show... very peaceful and funny. I'm going to take a break on downloading to listen to more of what I've gotten this week - Harlan has been doing western week, so I've got a lot to listen to.


oldsouth said...

Let me ask you another question about essential listening for my potential new role in a big band: Is there a collection that you can recommend (either one you have or one I can find on my own) that would include the the American Songbook/vocal jazz standards that I should listen to? I would think this would include songs from the 30s and 40s, like Blue Skies, Sentimental Journey, These Foolish Things, Stardust, Georgia, The Way You Look Tonight, All of Me, I got the World on a Sting, Tea for Two, Can't Take That Away From Me, etc.... probably about 100 songs. Ideally, I'm looking for a collection that would feature THE classic version of each song by the singer and band that made it famous. I can't spend the kind of money it would take to buy each album individually right now, so some sort of set or collection would be ideal.

Any advice would be appreciated.


Chester Proudfoot said...

I don't know of a particular collection, but you might like the Hits of ... series, A Time To Remember (also yearly), or The Songs Of ... I have several Hits Of... , and a couple Songs Of... (songwriters on the site. For the latter, I have Ray Henderson that I can recall. If you click on the Various Artists labels in the left-hand column you'll find all these. If I don't have them, you should be able to find more elsewhere.