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17 December 2008

With Plenty of Money and You

I admit this doesn't really fit in with the jazz I usually post, but sometimes I just like a good melody. Besides, it was Chick Bullock's version of "With Plenty of Money and You" that led me to pick this up. Unfortunately I grabbed the wrong one and many of his better hits are on the Art Deco series issue (which I will post at some point). Still, there are some good tunes to be heard. +

Tracks (covers)

1. Hollywood Hotel: I'm Like A Fish Out Of Water
2. Gold Diggers Of 1937: With Plenty Of Money And You
3. On The Avenue: I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
4. Gold Diggers Of 1937: Let's Put Our Heads Together
5. The Singing Marine: 'Cause My Baby Says It's So
6. The Varsity Show: You've Got Something There
7. Hearts Divided: Two Hearts Divided
8. There's Two Sides To Every Story
9. Gold Diggers Of 1937: Speaking Of The Weather
10. You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming
11. Hollywood Hotel: I've Hitched My Wagon To A Star
12. On The Avenue: This Year's Kisses
13. The Gold Diggers Of 1937: All's Fair In Love And War
14. The Varsity Show: Moonlight On The Campus
15. The Singing Marine: You Can't Run Away From Love Tonight
16. Stage Struck: In Your Own Quiet Way
17. Shipmates Forever: Don't Give Up The Ship
18. Life Of The Party: Roses In December
19. On The Avenue: You're Laughing At Me
20. The Singing Marine: Song Of The Marines


stereophobic said...

Thanks. I have the Dick Powell issue on Living Era, though I confess I've never actually listened to it. '42nd Street' is one of my favourite musicals (I always enjoy it more than I think I will) and I've always wanted to see 'Dames.' Ruby Keeler has been put down almost as much as Chick Bullock, but I've always found her appealing.

Let me know if ever you want me to rip my disc.

Chester Proudfoot said...

I found another cd of scans I had made and this has been added to the post. I'll try to include these in one download for future posts.

Chester Proudfoot said...

So many of those old show tunes manage to just get in your head and you can't help but like them. We're In the Money, Lullaby of Broadway, Pettin' In the Park, Honeymoon Hotel .... Feel free to rip and share. It looks like there are tunes that aren't on either issue that I have.