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08 December 2008

Is Everybody Happy?

During the 1920s, only Paul Whiteman's band was more popular. This set comes mostly from the cd shown below, the final four tracks are from other sources. +


1. Is Everybody Happy Now?
2. Frankie and Johnny
3. When My Baby Smiles at Me
4. Darktown Strutter' Ball
5. Aunt Hagar's Blues
6. You've Got That Thing
7. Lonesome Road
8. Egyptian Ella
9. Home Made Sunshine
10. San
11. I'm Crazy 'Bout My Baby
12. Sobbin' Blues
13. I'm All Dressed up with a Broken Heart
14. Royal Garden Blues
15. Someday, Sweetheart
16. Dip Your Brush in the Sunshine
17. I'm Sure of Everything but You
18. Somebody Loves You
19. Ev'ning in Caroline
20. Old Playmate
21. Singing a Vagabond Song
22. Buy America!
23. Headin' For Better Times
24. There's A New Day Comin'


barak said...

Thank you this music is excellent

Power House said...

Love to hear this one, if it can be bumped up the queue.

Chester Proudfoot said...

I will re-up this today or tomorrow, it's been a bit busy of late around here.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again!