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15 December 2008

Time On My Hands

From the first note I heard Lee Wiley sing, I was completely hooked. As one reviewer noted, she had a way of singing that made it sound so personal - that she was singing directly to you. I agree. When I met my wife and made some cd mixes for her, I included Time On My Hands and now it is 'our' song. But my favorite is really Take It From Me which she recorded with Leo Reisman's Orchestra. I love the way the song sways gently, then builds in intensity. A perfect song, in my opinion. But judge for yourselves. This collection is from Wiley's "pop" period before she became known more for her great jazz sides. +


1. Take It from Me
2. Time on My Hands
3. Got the South in My Soul
4. You're an Old Smoothie
5. A Tree Was a Tree
6. You've Got Me Crying Again #1
7. You've Got Me Crying Again #2
8. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
9. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues [Take 2]
10. Let's Call It a Day
11. Let's Call It a Day
12. A Hundred Years from Today
13. Easy Come, Easy Go
14. Repeal the Blues
15. Careless Love
16. Motherless Child
17. Hands Across the Table
18. I'll Follow My Secret Heart
19. What Is Love?
20. I've Got You Under My Skin
21. Let's Call It a Day [Take B]
22. Let's Call It a Day [Take D]


Chester Proudfoot said...

This was ripped at 128 mono as opposed to 256 stereo, following Sam's suggestion (since they were all recorded in mono). The file size is greatly reduced which should be helpful.

stereophobic said...

Terrific singer--one of the best. I have these songs on a different CD, so I'll compare the sound quality, and if there's a noticeable difference I'll be happy to share it with you.

I can listen to Wiley from any period at all, from her early recordings on this disc to the Songbook albums ('Glad To Be Unhappy' is a favourite of mine) and the classic 50's albums. Like you, I was hooked on her voice the second I heard it. I can even recall the song--'You're A Sweetheart,' the first track on 'West Of The Moon.'

I've been following your blog from the beginning and must commend you on your great taste. Also, the bitrate is plenty good enough for me.

stereophobic said...

By the way, I'd be interested to know what other songs were on the cd's you mixed for your wife.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, stereophobic! (great moniker, btw). The other songs, eh? Hmm.... California Stars by Wilco/Billy Bragg, a couple of tunes by Blue Rodeo, and I can't recall the rest. Lee Wiley was the only oldie on there though.

I have all of the Lee Wiley cd output (I think), and even a couple of LPs plus some 78s. She was a remarkable singer to say the least.

I see that you like The 39 Steps - I'm going to see the Broadway production of it this coming weekend in NYC. I hope the movie hasn't spoiled it for me! It's one of my favorite films.

Anonymous said...

chester, i think you made a mistake-the bitrate is 64, not 128...although it didn't affect my enjoyment. :) i just love her voice.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Good catch, the bitrate should now be 128.

* R e N a * said...

best best BEST singer ever!!!! I adore her, I have all of her songs, she's just the best, no one compares to her!!!!

Chester Proudfoot said...

No argument from me!

vilstef said...

Thank you so much for this one, Chester! I've loved Lee Wiley since I first heard her. I'd been wanting to hear her version of 100 Years from Today for ages, and finally I have it. A great old song which is too little known. I have several versions by Big T.

vilstef said...

Hi Chester. I'm back on the internet after a too long computer virus enforced vacation. If you could re-up Time On My Hands and Ec-Stacy, I'd be really grateful. The RapidShare links are dead.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.

vilstef said...

Many thanks Chester!