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29 December 2008

Let's Have Another Cup Of Coffee

Another collection of Depression-era tunes, this one includes my favorite version of Brother, Can You Spare A Dime? by Charlie Palloy as well as this post's title by Chick Bullock. The back cover is some sort of Depression-era cartoon, but is extremely difficult to make out due to all of the track information. The cover seems to have nothing to do with the cd at all, and looks sort of like the cover from J.J. Cale's Shades. Sometimes I wonder what goes through the minds of record company marketing people... Enjoy. +


01 Happy Days are Here Again - Leo Reisman & His Orchestra
02 I'm in the Market For You - George Olsen & His Orchestra
03 Ten Cents a Dance - High Hatters
04 Cheer Up! Good Times are Comin' - Phil Spitalny's Music
05 Cheer Up! Smile! Nertz! - Eddie Cantor with Phil Spitalny's Music
06 I'm an Unemployed Sweetheart - Ted Campus & His Campus Boys
07 Cigarettes, Cigars - Florence Desmond
08 (We've Got To) Put That Sun Back in That Sky - Roane's Pennsylvanians
09 Let's Have Another Cup of Coffee - Waring's Pennsylvanians (with Chick Bullock)
10 Riddle Me This - Abe Lyman & His Orchestra
11 The Clouds Will Soon Roll By - Leo Reisman & His Orchestra
12 Brother Can You Spare a Dime - Charlie Palloy
13 There's a New Day Comin' - Sam Ross Silvertown Orchestra
14 If I Ever Get a Job Again - Dick Robertson
15 Remember My Forgotten Man - Hal Kemp & His Orchestra
16 When the Morning Rolls Around - Henry Hall & The BBC Dance Orchestra
17 Are You Makin' Any Money? - Paul Whiteman & His Orchestra
18 I Gotta Get Up and Go To Work - Irving Aaronson & HIs Commanders
19 We're in the Money - Benny Morton & His Orchestra
20 Repeal the Blues - Ray Noble & The New Mayfair Orchestra
21 We're Out of the Red - Dave Harman & His Orchestra
22 Gotta Go To Work Again - The California Ramblers
23 Dusty Road - Nelson Eddy
24 Long As You've Got Your Health - Ray Noble & His Orchestra


stereophobic said...

Apparently the coffee business was one of the few industries not to be hit too hard by the depression. Whether the title song was a cause or effect of that I couldn't say. Either way, this music is as timely now as it's ever been.

Chester Proudfoot said...

It's amazing how today's rhetoric from the business class mirrors that from the Depression, isn't it? I don't know about the coffee business back then, but I could sure handle paying 5 cents for cup of java instead of these boutique prices for burnt beans.

k_sunshine1977 said...

i'm loving your site! thank you for all the offerings!

will you be uploading this one and the other two great depression albums anytime soon? i know you mentioned you were re-upping albums that used to be on rapidshare....

thank you!

Chester Proudfoot said...

The link has been updated. If you could comment on the particular posts that you want re-upped, it helps me keep things straight. Thanks.

bulldogUK said...

Any chance of a new link please

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.

bulldogUK said...

May the Spirit of Christmas shower you with gifts ... thank you very much