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06 February 2009


William McKinney scored a coup when he hired Don Redman away from Fletcher Henderson in 1927, and his band was strong competition to those of Henderson and Ellington. But when Redman left in 1931 to form his own hugely successful band, the writing was on the wall and the Cotton Pickers folded in 1934. This set gives a hint of what's to come from Don Redman, with help from Benny Carter, Fats Waller and Coleman Hawkins on some classic tunes. Enjoy. +


1. Plain Dirt
2. Gee, Ain't I Good To You?
3. I'd Love It
4. The Way I Feel Today
5. Miss Hannah
6. Peggy
7. Wherever There's A Will, Baby
8. I'll Make Fun For You
9. Words Can't Express The Way I Feel
10. If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight
11. Then Someone's In Love
12. Honeysuckle Rose
13. Zonky
14. Travelin' All Alone
15. Just A Shade Corn
16. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?
17. Okay, Baby
18. Blues Sure Have Got Me
19. Hullabaloo
20. I Want A Little Girl
21. Cotton Picker's Scat
22. Talk To Me
23. Rocky Road
24. Laughing At Life


Morris said...

Thank you so much for this share! As a jazz 78 collector, there is absolutely no feeling I like better than to see an old 38000 Victor in a stack of 78s. I know that there are rarer labels and series than that, but as far as quality of music and sound, it is my personal favorite. I kind of have that same attitude with blog surfing. When things are posted that are from that series or even era, it brings a smile to my face. Not only am I happy to d/l it and enjoy (even if I might have it already), but I also hope that others will take a chance on it and learn to love this music as well.

Few groups epitomize the 38000 Victor series like McKinney's Cotton Pickers. To me, they represent all that is good about jazz of the late twenties/early thirties.

Thank you again for all that you share, and, especially, the Chronos that you share. I am personally eagerly awaiting the Chick Webb Chronos you mentioned elsewhere as I do not have any non-Ella sides and am looking forward to hearing some instrumentals by that great swing band.

Phil said...

Hi Chester,
Would you please reup this CD. I've heard their earlier CD, and hope this is as good.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again!

Phil said...

Thank you once again for all your hard work. It really is appreciated.

rm said...

I'm dying to hear this one, especially because it has one of the earliest "Honeysuckle Rose" versions (1930-02-03), years before Fats Wallers first rec (1934-11-07).
Thank you for your kindness to re-up, and the great work.

Chester Proudfoot said...

I'll get this in the next couple of days, but right now my pc is in the clinic being treated for old age. Hopefully it gets released tomorrow...

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.

rm said...

thank you very much, Chester. You made my day.