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16 February 2009

Slippin' Around

The quest for Chick Bullock vocals leads in many directions. Years ago I bought my first Bullock 78s and a discography from a collector in Australia (who edited the 1983 discography), and neither version of I Can't Break the Habit of You was listed. So this was a fun find for me, even if someone else discovered the original 78 (I have since, however, discovered two other 78s that weren't listed). Miff Mole was one of the greatest jazz trombonists and played with the best. His band backed Sophie Tucker for a while, and he later played with Paul Whiteman and Benny Goodman bands. Scans are here. Enjoy. +


1. Delirium (test)
2. Davenport Blues (test)
3. Slippin' Around (test)
4. Harlem Twist (test)
5. Fine Pennies (test)
6. Fine Pennies (test)
7. Crazy Rhythm
8. You Took Advantage of Me
9. You're the Cream in My Coffee
10. Wild Oat Joe
11. I've Got a Feeling I'm Falling
12. That's a Plenty
13. That's a Plenty
14. Birmingham Bertha
15. Moanin' Low
16. You Made Me Love You
17. After You've Gone
18. Navy Blues
19. Lucky Little Devil
20. Navy Blues
21. Lucky Little Devil
22. Slippin' Around
23. Old Cown Hand
24. I Can't Break the Habit of You
25. I Can't Break the Habit of You (test)
26. Love and Learn


Anonymous said...

Great !

I dont think this is still possible to buy !


drizzz said...

Some of the best music ever recorded!! Personal opinion of course!