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05 February 2009

Ballin' The Jack

As one reviewer said, no jazz collection is complete without at least a healthy sampling of Eddie Condon. -- Unfortunately, my only Condon disc has joined my Chick Webb in the trash pile! Sorry to those who downloaded it, but I listened to the disc just now while in the car and the noise was horrible. I hadn't listened to most of these for years now so it could possibly be a storage issue, and I'll have to listen to every cd first before ripping I guess. That's not a bad thing, just time consuming. Sorry again.


Anonymous said...

thank you, chester... can hardly wait to give this a listen.

Skeptical Imp said...

Thanks again. I've been looking to sample some Eddie Condon

Anonymous said...

hi, chester... unfortunately the files are badly corrupted. i recommend playing the disc and making sure it isn't faulty. something may be going wrong during the ripping process, but i don't have the technical knowledge to say what it is.

Anonymous said...

very sorry to hear about this chester. however i have a number of condon cds and will be happy to share them with you in due course.