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13 February 2009

I Got It Bad

Here's an extra today for those who don't like St. Valentine's Day either. Or, for those who just like good singing. Either way, don't forget to at least buy a nice card tomorrow. +


1. Am I Blue? - Billie Holiday
2. He's Gone Blues - Bessie Smith
3. You've Got Me Crying Again - Lee Wiley
4. Tears in My Heart - Mildred Bailey
5. Love Me or Leave Me - Teddy Grace
6. I'm up a Tree - Ella Fitzgerald
7. Cry You Out of My Heart - Ella Fitzgerald
8. Stormy Weather - Ivie Anderson
9. I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) - Ivie Anderson
10. It's Torture - Helen Humes
11. Somebody Else Is Taking My Place - Peggy Lee
12. You Took My Love - Jo Stafford
13. Friend of Yours - Jo Stafford
14. Good-For-Nothin' Joe - Lena Horne
15. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) - Lena Horne
16. There Must Be a Way - Connee Boswell
17. There Will Never Be Another You - Evelyn Knight
18. My Old Flame - Billie Holiday


Anonymous said...

i thought that looked like lee wiley on the front--excellent!

Anonymous said...

Password, please?

Chester Proudfoot said...

It's in the fyi to your left.

Anonymous said...

So cool! Figured the pw out for myself before coming upon your reply to anonymous above. Then I tried again, just in case... say no more. Wonderful selection of records, Mr Proudfoot!

- Madden (anonymous below, not above)

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you like them and figured out the pw. I have an image of a well-healed couple giving a pw to gain access to a speakeasy. One of these days I'm going to do some graphic design so that my banner actually reflects the title of this blog, and use that image instead of the fyi.