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10 February 2009

Savage Rhythm

Here's some fine music from a band that doesn't really have any 'names' involved, except for some arrangements by Benny Carter and a couple of Billy Banks vocals. I listened all the way through on this and it sounds real good. Enjoy. +


1. Savage Rhythm
2. I'm Sorry I Made You Blue
3. Everytime I Look at You
4. Snake Hips
5. The Scat Song
6. Heat Waves
7. Doin' the Shake
8. The Scat Song
9. Cabin in the Cotton
10. Minnie the Moocher's Wedding Day
11. The Growl
12. Mighty Sweet
13. Rhythm Spasm
14. Swanee Lullaby
15. White Lightning
16. Wild Waves
17. Sentimental Gentleman from Georgia
18. You Gave Me Everything But Love
19. Old Yazoo
20. Reefer Man
21. Jazz Cocktail
22. Smoke Rings


Anonymous said...


Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome!

Michael said...

Is there any chance you might re-up this one?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Definitely! I might have to wait until next week though when I can get to a better internet connection to re-up this and some others.

Michael said...

Thanks very much!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Sorry this took so long, it's now re-upped.

neil said...

Missed out on this one, Chester.
Any chance of a Depositfiles re-up. please?

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.