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14 February 2009

Biscuit Roller

Two Chick Bullock vocals in this collection of jazz & blues featuring Roy Palmer's trombone work in the Memphis Night Hawks and the Chicago Rhythm Kings. Also, the first two tracks on the Mezz Mezzrow cd is with the Chicago Rhythm Kings. Enjoy. +


Memphis Night Hawks
1. Georgia Grind
2. Shanghai Honeymoon
3. Beedle-Um-Bum
4. Biscuit Roller
5. Rukus Juice Shuffle
6. Dirty Dozens Cousins
7. Nancy Jane
8. Jockey Stomp
9. Wild Man Stomp

Big Bill and His Jug Busters
10. M and O Blues

Black Diamond Twins
11. Block and Tackle

Memphis Night Hawks
12. Come on in, Baby
13. Stomp That Thing
14. Endurance Stomp

Bob and Roy
15. The Trombone Slide

Big Bill (Broonzy) and his Jug Busters
16. Rukus Juice Blues

Memphis Night Hawks
17. Sweet Feet

Chick Bullock
18. My Gal Sal
19. Darktown Strutters' Ball

Chicago Rhythm Kings
20. You Battle-Head Beetle-Head
21. It's Too Bad (When the Sisters Start Truckin' Around) -1
22. It's Too Bad (When the Sisters Start Truckin' Around) -2

Bumble Bee Slim
23. When the Music Sounds Good - Memphis Nighthawks -1
24. When the Music Sounds Good - Memphis Nighthawks -2

Chicago Rhythm Kings
25. Shanghai Honeymoon
26. Little Sandwich Wagon


Anonymous said...

this looks great, thanks a lot!

listening to big bill broonzy is how i like to spend valentine's day!

neil said...

Looking forward to the Chicago Rhythm Kings...

Sam said...

Please reup this stuff. Thanks.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Link has been updated.

Doug Barker said...

Hi Chester
I apologize if you get this request twice -- I'm not sure I'm doing the sign-in thing right, and I can't tell if my last request didn't go through, or you're on hiatus.
Anyway, can you reupload this Roy Palmer one? Thanks.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Sorry for the delay! No hiatus, just too busy. It's ready to enjoy again.

drizzz said...

Hi Chester! Please re-up this one more time. Thank you!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again!

drizzz said...

Thank you Chester- great music and a surprise guest appearance by none other than Chick!