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19 February 2009

Les Années Folles

A slight change of pace today, here's a three-pack that I picked up in France. I think it could have included more Django, but with 43 artists performing 54 songs it's a decent collection. My favorite here is Barnaby by Fernandel. Edith Piaf alert! (there are three tunes). Enjoy. + + +


Chansons de Ces Années-là

1. Heure exquise - Ray Ventura, René Doria, Daniel Marty
2. Paris sera toujours Paris - Maurice Chevalier
3. Le chaland qui passe - Tino Rossi
4. L'accordéonniste - Edith Piaf
5. Fleur de Paris - Maurice Chevalier
6. La jarretière - Arletty
7. J'attendrai - Rina Ketty
8. Ah! ce qu'on s'ai,ait - André Claveau
9. Félicie aussi - Fernandel
10. Sous les becs de gaz - Mistinguett
11. Nuages - Django Reinhardt
12. Une brune ... une blonde - Maurice Chevalier, Ray Ventura
13. La môme frotte toujours - Arletty
14. Du fond du cœur - Tino Rossi
15. Elle fréauentait la rue Pigalle - Edith Piaf
16. Bonsoir, jolie madame - Charles Trenet
17. Les deux moitiés du monde - Maurice Chevalier
18. Lili Marlène - Marlène Dietrich

Les Grandes Dames

1. Les roses blanches - Berthe Sylva
2. Chantez - Mistinguett
3. La femme est faite pour l'homme - Arletty
4. Le chapelle au clair de lune - Léo Marjanne
5. Le fiacre - Yvette Guilbert
6. Heure exquise - Renée Doria
7. La fiancée du pirate - Florelle
8. Le chaland qui passe - Lys Gauty
9. Pars - Yvonne George
10. C'est la saison d'amour - Yvonne Printemps
11. Johnny Palmer - Damia
12. Il ne faut pas briser un rêve - Eva Busch
13. Tout est permis quand on rêve - Liliane Harvey
14. Un jour mon prince viendra - Elyane Celis
15. Si Petite - Lucienne Boyer
16. La java bleue - Frehel
17. La java de cezigue - Edith Piaf
18. J'ai deux amours - Josephine Baker

Les Séducteurs

1. Marinella - Tino Rossi
2. Vous qui passez sans me voir - Jean Sablon
3. Dans la vie; faut pas s'en faire - Albert Préjean
4. La ronde des heures - André Baugé
5. Viens poupoule - Mayol
6. Les gars de la marine - Jean Cyrano
7. Barnabé - Fernandel
8. Si tu reviens - Reda Caire
9. Je t'aime, c'est tout - Jean Lumière
10. Ici, l'on pêche - Jean Tranchant
11. C'est suffisant pour des amants - Jean Sorbier
12. J'ai rêvé d'une fleur - Alibert
13. Le logis du rêve - Georges Thill
14. Le temps des cerises - Marjal
15. Ramona - Saint Granier
16. Avoir un bon copain - Henri Garat
17. La romance de Paris - Charles Trenet
18. Quand on se promène au bord de l'eau - Jean Gabin


King Cole said...

Thes french oldies remind me of the days when I was a kid. The radio was on from early morning till late evening. Just post-WW2.
Thank you Chester for these beautiful songs. The music and songs from before the war were the roots of the music I love. Too much to mention.

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome. I just wish I had picked up more when I had the chance.

Anton Garcia-Fernandez said...


This post has reminded me that I own a Jean Sablon compilation released by the now discontinued label ASV. It is called J'Attendrai and features many of his great recordings in French (backed by Django Reinhardt on many), as well as a couple of tunes done in English for the US market. I don't know if you like Jean Sablon, but if you do and would like to have this out-of-print CD, please let me know!



Chester Proudfoot said...

Mais, oui! Send me a message with the link and I'll post it so we can all hear it.

Anton Garcia-Fernandez said...


I don't have your e-mail address -- where can I find it?



P.S.: By the way, I have finally gotten around to translating my article on Doris Day's Love Me or Leave Me soundtrack into English and just posted it in my Vintage Bandstand blog

Chester Proudfoot said...

Anton, I've got your blog linked on the left. I don't publish my email, but if you send me yours in a comment I'll send you an email (I won't publish your email address).

Bravo, Uruguay and Mexico! Am watching Argentina-Greece now.

Anton Garcia-Fernandez said...

I am happy about Uruguay and Mexico, although down deep in my heart, I was hoping that South Africa would make it through, after their stunning performance against France, who seemed more like the cast of a bad soap opera than like a soccer team.

I am also watching Greece vs. Argentina on ESPN now (and flipping the channel to ESPN2 now and then to follow Nigeria vs. South Korea).


Chester Proudfoot said...

I couldn't watch the Argentina game, as it was a fait accompli. Nigeria - South Korea was an exciting match, and it's a shame that Nigeria couldn't finish. But if you get that many chances to tap in a ball and miss the goal completely, then maybe they didn't deserve to advance. Tough loss, but excellent match.

Thanks btw, for resurrecting the comments on this post. I just found a typo in the last song on disc 3.

Malbone said...

Vapidshare link is now dead

Chester Proudfoot said...

All are now Megaupload. Enjoy.