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14 February 2009

Lights Out

This is another one I picked up solely for the four Chick Bullock sides, and the rest makes up one of the best 'surprise' cd's I've ever picked up. With the help of people like Benny Carter, Alex Hill, Gene Krupa, Chick Webb, Bud Freeman, Willie "The Lion" Smith, Teddy Wilson and Eddie Condon this music really swings. Enjoy. +


1. There'll Be Some Changes Made
2. I've Found A New Baby
3. Friars Point Shuffle
4. Darktown Strutters Ball
5. Jazz Me Blues
6. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home?
7. Free Love
8. Dissonance
9. Swingin' With Mez
10. Love, You're Not The One For Me
11. Old Fashioned Love
12. Apologies
13. Sendin' The Vipers
14. 35th And Calumet
15. Moon Over Miami
16. I Feel Like A Feather In The Breeze
17. Suzannah
18. Lights Out
19. A Melody From The Sky
20. Lost


Baron Von Bartold said...

Thanks for Mezzrow ... I've been searching for the Art Karle tracks .. Baron VB

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome! Those are my favorite tracks on this set.

dreadbagel said...

link dead :(

please repost, thanx!

BlueEyedSoulBrother said...

Please reup Mez. Got any Pat Flowers?

Chester Proudfoot said...

The link has been updated.

Sorry, I don't have any Pat Flowers unless he sat in on a session and I just never noticed his name. I know he did some work with Fats Waller, but that's about all I know of him.