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08 March 2009

More Than You Know

Another from Columbia's Art Deco series, this one featuring female vocalists. Ruth Etting does a nice job with Shine On Harvest Moon, among other good tunes. And where else will you find Dorothy Lamour, Lyda Roberti, Kate Smith and the Boswell Sisters in one place? I have no idea why I didn't scan the cover (years ago when I had a scanner), but scans of the booklet info can be found here. Interesting cd, it has a picture of Ruby Keeler on the front but she's nowhere to be found in the music. Enjoy. +


1. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man - Helen Morgan, Victor Young
2. I Must Have That Man! - Duke Ellington & His Orchestra, Adelaide Hall
3. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues - Lee Wiley
4. They Call Me Sister Honky Tonk - Mae West
5. Heat Wave - Ben Selvin, Ethel Waters
6. Alexander's Ragtime Band - The Boswell Sisters,
7. College Rhythm - Jimmy Grier & His Orchestra, Lyda Roberti
8. You're the Top - Johnny Green & His Orchestra, Ethel Merman
9. Shine on Harvest Moon - Ruth Etting
10. I'm in the Mood for Love - Frances Langford
11. You Let Me Down - Kay Thompson
12. More Than You Know - Mildred Bailey
13. Slumming on Park Avenue - Alice Faye
14. Swing High, Swing Low - Dorothy Lamour
15. Easy Living - Billie Holiday
16. Folks Who Live on the Hill - Maxine Sullivan, Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra
17. Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love - Eddy Duchin & His Orchestra, Mary Martin
18. You'll Have to Swing It (Mr. Paganini) - Martha Raye, David Rose & His Orchestra
19. When the Moon Comes over the Mountain - Kate Smith
20. Boy! What Love Has Done to Me! - Jane Froman

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