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05 March 2009

Big City Blues

I think Take Two's collection gives a good sample of Annette Hanshaw's career here, showing that she could sing anything. Even I Love A Ukulele (which she reportedly despised) sounds good. Interesting tidbit from David Garrick's website: Annette was a Big Broadcast radio show listener. But in a conversation with Rich [Conaty], Annette requested that three songs not be played on his radio show. Rich: "I'm looking at two Sunbeam LPs. Annette wanted me to avoid Lover, Come Back to Me, You'll Always Be the Same Sweetheart, and Sweetheart Darlin'. I'm not sure why, but I've respected her wishes". Enjoy. +


1. It All Depends on You
2. My Blackbirds Are Bluebirds Now
3. I Can't Give You Anything But Love
4. In a Great Big Way
5. Lover Come Back to Me
6. You Wouldn't Fool Me Would You
7. Button Up Your Overcoat
8. I Get the Blues When It Rains
9. That's You Baby
10. Big City Blues
11. My Sin
12. I Think You'll Like It
13. Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home
14. I Love a Ukulele
15. Am I Blue?
16. (I'm a Dreamer) Aren't We All
17. I Have to Have You
18. Happy Days Are Here Again
19. Ho Hum
20. Say It Isn't So


Mario B said...

She's killing me when she meows That's all at the end of many songs ! Thanks !

drizzz said...

Another great Annette Hanshaw cd and no overlap (I don't think) with the first one! Thank you!

Slackjack said...

Could this one also be re-posted please

Chester Proudfoot said...

New link is uploaded.