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25 March 2009

Cheerful Little Earful

Here's the second volume of Ben Selvin. On the post for volume one I cited the entry from Wikipedia which reports that Selvin's output is estimated at 13,000 - 20,000 song titles. I now doubt that seriously based on something I read in Scott Yanow's book under his entry for Chick Bullock. Yanow stated that Bullock recorded more than 4,000 songs during his career, when the number is actually about 740 (according to Peter Murphy's 1983 discography). I say "about" because I've found 3 or 4 or so titles that weren't listed, as well as determining that 1 record is decidedly not Bullock. Anyway, most of Bullock's songs were issued on several labels even though they were the exact same recording, often on as many as nine different labels (also accounting for pseudonyms). I suspect that the case is similar for Ben Selvin, though he was far more prolific than Bullock, and that there is sloppy counting going on. So again, 20,000? How many recording sessions per year would that require? I bet the count doesn't match up with the known recording dates. Anyway, this is another fine collection from this label. Enjoy. +


1. Free and Easy [1]
2. Smile, Darn Ya, Smile
3. Why?
4. Mona
5. Do Ya Love Me? (Just a Tiny Bit, Do Ya?) [1]
6. Why Do You Suppose?
7. I Miss a Little Miss (Who Misses Me in Sunny Tennessee)
8. Do Ya Love Me? (Just a Tiny Bit, Do Ya?) [2]
9. 'Tain't No Sin
10. Thank Your Father
11. When I Am Housekeeping for You
12. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy
13. Thank Your Father [2]
14. I'm in the Market for You
15. Whole Darned Thing's for You
16. Why Have You Forgotten Waikiki?
17. My Man from Caroline
18. I'm in the Market for You [2]
19. Free and Easy [2]
20. Cheerful Little Earful
21. Whole Darned Thing's for You [2]
22. It's Easy to Fall in Love
23. You Said It


Anonymous said...

Excellent share, Chester. I recognise some of these titles as featuring a young Benny Goodman, so I'll be paying particular attention to any hot clarinet work.

bulldogUK said...

Any chance of an update on the two Ben Selvin's
many thanks