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06 March 2009

Let The People Sing

Let the people sing - please! This was one I picked up because of the era, and because I have several other ASV titles that I like. Sometimes taking a chance on an unknown cd can result in wonderful surprises. I'm more careful now, as this was played maybe once. Perhaps there are people who like Laye's high-pitched operatic style, I'm not one of them. But the Queen loved her so what do I know? Enjoy. +


1. Lover, Come Back to Me
2. One Kiss
3. Wanting You
4. Love Me Now
5. Do I Do Wrong
6. Near and Yet So Far
7. Brave Hearts
8. Love Is a Song
9. Princess's Awakening
10. Night Is Young
11. When I Grow Too Old to Dream
12. My Nicolo
13. Love Never Comes Too Late
14. Nobody Could Love You More
15. Love, Live Forever (And Rule My Heart)
16. I'll See You Again
17. Zigeuner
18. You've Done Something to My Heart
19. Let the People Sing
20. Only a Glass of Champagne
21. Je T'Aime (Forever)

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