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23 November 2008


Stardust, by Hoagy Carmichael is one of the most famous songs ever written or recorded. He wrote the tune in 1927 and lyrics weren't added until four years later by Mitchell Parrish. Contrary to some popular belief, Bing Crosby did not record the first vocal pressing - that honor goes to Chick Bullock who recorded it with the Mills Blue Rhythm Band on May 1, 1931. The flip side was Poor Minnie the Moocher (also sung by Bullock). At least one of the cuts of Minnie the Moocher is credited to Bullock in this collection, but it is incorrect. Because I lent my cd to someone and haven't received it back yet I can't tell which one! The Classics Chronological series has been great about providing good liner notes, and which 78s they take their sides from, but they got their info wrong on a few here and there. Oh, well. It's still great music - and this is the very first vocal recording of Stardust from another out-of-print edition. Good luck finding the original, all I've managed is a V+ copy (Oriole 2265). As much as I like Stardust, I also like the first two sides here. Probably because they're so corny. Enjoy. +

1. They Satisfy
2. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
3. Straddle the Fence
4. Levee Low Down
5. Moanin'
6. Blues in My Heart
7. Minnie the Moocher
8. Minnie the Moocher
9. Blue Rhythm
10. Blue Flame
11. Red Devil
12. Stardust
13. Poor Minnie the Moocher
14. Black and Tan Fantasy
15. Sugar Blues
16. Low Down on the Bayou
17. Futuristic Jungleism
18. Moanin'
19. I Can't Get Along Without My Baby
20. Moanin'


Morris said...

Thank you very much for this post and the information. This was such a very good band, and Bullock fit in very well. Great stuff!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you like it!

Alexandra said...

This version of Stardust is beautiful, the best one I have heard with vocals.


thank you

Alexandra said...

I forgot yo ask:

me I have this dance?

Phil said...

Thank you for the new link. I really enjoyed the other "Chronogical" Classics of the band.

(How on earth could a record company not notice such a glaring spelling mistake for so long?)