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19 November 2008

Don't You Make Me High

Another one out of print and getting harder to find, this contains all of Blue Lu Barker's pre-war recordings. Blue Lu was born, raised and buried in New Orleans and her funeral even turned into a popular video broadcast spotlighting the town's jazz funeral traditions. Some of the great jazz players are here - Chu Berry, Buster Bailey, Henry "Red" Allen, and Blu Lu's husband Danny Barker, among others. Billie Holiday cited her as her biggest influence. Enjoy. +


1. Your Going To Leave The Old Home Jim
2. New Orleans Blues
3. He Caught That B & O
4. Don't You Make Me High
5. I Got Ways Like The Devil
6. That Made Him Mad
7. Scat Skunk
8. Nix On Those Lush Heads
9. Georgia Grind
10. You Ain't Had No Blues
11. Marked Woman
12. Midnight Blues
13. Down In The Dumps
14. Blue Deep Sea Blues
15. Never Brag About Your Man
16. He's So Good
17. I Don't Dig You Jack
18. Handy Andy
19. Jitterbug Blues
20. You Been Holding Out Too Long
21. Lu's Blues


MW said...

Comrade I attempted to DL some of these tunes using this Rube Goldburgian system you use which gave my Mac some reflux and produced nothing. Getting insulted by that site who sniffs at my unwillingness to pass along a few Euros in order to get something that approximates efficiency in the 21st century is also annoying. It sounds like it was written by a snotty French waiter.
"Monsieur Englaish peasant person who is too cheap to get this stuff
you can wait till de cows do come home"
Isn't there a slightly more humane way to do this?

Chester Proudfoot said...

No fee necessary to use rapidshare, just click on 'free user' and wait a few secs. Usually 1 sec per mb of filesize. Then save to your computer. The whole purpose of this experiment is to share so that you can hear something you might like, and then ultimately purchase. There is no charge. That would be illegal, and we wouldn't want that. Tsk, tsk. Gardening reprobate. ;-)

Cosmo said...

post link down?

bummer this looked like a pretty cool album and was looking forward to giving it a spin . . . any chance of a repost? peace out . . .

Chester Proudfoot said...

Apparently nobody downloaded this fine album, so the link expired. I'll re-upload as soon as I can. Check back after the weekend.

Anonymous said...

I, too, would like to hear the Blue Lu Barker album. Could it be reposted when you have time?

Thank you.

Paul in Canada

Chester Proudfoot said...

Sorry it took so long to re-post, but the new link is there in .zip format (no more .7z in case anyone cares). I gave it a listen and there shouldn't be any issues with the rip, but let me know if otherwise.

BernardP said...

It would be appreciated if you could re-upload this.


Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.