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21 November 2008

Green Eyes

Chick Bullock was a very popular singer in the 1930s, however due to a disfiguring eye ailment he limited his performances to the studio. As he was "the" studio singer for the American Record Corporation, he was called on to record with just about everyone. Don Azpiazu brought his Cuban band to Broadway in 1930 and commenced the the Cuban rumba craze in the US. His original "Peanut Vendor" is well-known, as is the tune "Green Eyes" which is the lone Chick Bullock vocal in this collection.

Over the span of his career Bullock recorded over 700 sides, so in order to avoid glutting the market with his name, labels marketed him under a wide variety of names. I'll go into more of them in a future post, but for me the funniest is the one he used with Don Azpiazu's band - Chiquito Bullo. How that was supposed to fool people, I'll never know. I'm not completely sure how people would be adverse to buying a song with a Chick Bullock vocal listing, but still willing to pick up a copy that used a pseudonym. After all, the recordings are identical and only the label had been changed. Prices varied from label to labe, but it was still the same exact recording.

Anyway, there is some really good music to be had here and I recommend that you pick up a copy before it goes out of print. You can still find it at Worlds Records Music. I've bought a lot of great jazz music from this company over the years, and never had a problem. In the meantime .... +

1. El Manisero (The Peanut Vendor)
2. A Penny For Your Thoughts
3. Wanna Lot Of Love
4. Marianna
5. African Lament
6. Me Odias
7. La Guajira
8. El Panquelero
9. The Voodoo
10. Green Eyes
11. Lament To Borinqueno
12. Amor Sincero
13. La Cachimba De San Juan
14. Be Careful With Those Eyes
15. With My Guitar And You
16. La Mulata Rumbera
17. Adela -El Manisero

18. Siboney
19. El Manisero - Me Odias
20. The Voodoo
21. La Runidera
22. El Ritmo De La Rumba


Reci - ha1fv said...

Hi Chester! Congratulation to your fine musics, these what I call Music :-)
But please the passwords to your files!

with best regards Reci

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you like it Reci! The password is volstead.

Chester Proudfoot said...

By the way, I got the Abe Lyman. Great stuff! Thanks.

Reci - ha1fv said...

Ok work good with pass, thank you :-)

Hoyle Osborne said...

The Anobal's Cubans collection has whet my appetite for this survey of Anobal's brother's band.
I'm very familiar with the Chico Bullo "Green Eyes" and the first big hit, "The Peanut Vendor," from a superb Take Two 2-CD collection called "Latin Sounds of the Past." I look forward to hearing more. I hope "African Lament" is the great Ernesto Lecuona tune, one I learned from a terrific Harlequin collection of Enric Madriguera's music.
Please repost when you get the chance. ¡Muchas gracias!

Hoyle Osborne said...

Could you please repost this music?
I know "Green Eyes" and "El Manisero" from the superb double-disc collection of Latin music issued by Take Two. I'd love to hear the rest of these tunes.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.

Any chance of sharing the Take Two set? (hint hint) ;-)

Hoyle Osborne said...

Dear Mr. Proudfoot:
I'll be happy to share "Latin Sounds of the Past." Please advise me of the best procedure. I won't be able to do anything for a couple of weeks.
I want to second your recommendation of Worlds Records as the best dealer of CDs of historic popular music and jazz I know of. I have patronized them for many years.
Likewise, I want to add my two bits to encourage people interested in historic music to buy some of the brilliant reissue CDs which are made available largely as a labor of love by the proprietors of companies like Harlequin, Archeophone and Timeless. In the short time we've been listening to music on CDs, there's been an incredible expansion of the catalogs, making it possible for all of us to "discover" so many long-forgotten treasures. In this short time, we've also seen any number of worthy and abitious reissue companies, like ASV, Classics, and Sensation, simply run out of steam (after having lost too much money, I presume).
Finally, I have to make a self-interested plug for support of living artists who devote their creative energies to mastering historical styles so that 21st Century audiences can really experience all this wonderful music. If there's a band in your area that plays ragtime or tango or Dixieland (the list of styles goes on forever), go to their shows and buy their discs.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Hoyle, if you send me your email address via a comment, I'll let you know the best way to share. I'll delete the comment afterward so it isn't published. If you'd like to write a post about it, feel free. I think it would be great to have others share here.