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24 November 2008

Hollywood - Paris

A slight departure from the jazz, I like several of the collections from Chansons Actualités. In a future post I'll share the soundtracks from several of the Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire films. In the meantime, enjoy this collection of American and French tunes mixed in with "news" of the day en français. Groucho Marx's "I'm Against It" from the 1932 film Horsefeathers is fun. +

"I don't know if it's bad or good, but let's have one thing understood,
Whatever it is - I'm against it!"


1. Actualites
2. Paris Je T'aime D'amour - Chevalier, Maurice
3. I Used To Be Colour Blind - Rogers, Ginger
4. La Crise Est Finie - Prejean, Albert
5. Paradise - Lamour, Dorothy
6. Avoir Un Bon Copain - Garat, Henri
7. Actualites
8. Over The Rainbow - Garland, Judy
9. Pour Plaire Aux Femmes - Gravey, Fernand
10: I'm Against It - Marx, Groucho
11. Pourquoi M'as Tu Fait Ca - Arletty
12. Got A Bran' New Suit - Powell, Eleanor
13. Actualites
14. Viens Fifine - Gabin, Jean
15. Ich Bin Die Feshe Lola - Dietrich, Marlene
16. Elle Est Epatante - Simon, Michel
17. I Never Knew Heaven Could Speak - Crawford, Joan
18. Barnabe - Fernandel
19. Actualites
20: Premier Rendez-vous Le - Darrieux, Danielle
21. You Made Me Love You - Welles, Orson
22. Santo Domingo - Rosay, Francoise
23. Lazy Moon - Laurel & Hardy
24. Fascination - Florelle


Hamish said...

Many thanks for the share what is the password please.

Chester Proudfoot said...

You're welcome. The password is volstead.

Malbone said...

Chester, since I am submitting comments indicating "Vapidshare link is now dead" (as it is for this disc) I should also commend you on your taste, diligence and perseverance in the face of annoyance. It's amazing to me that for a musical genre that by definition is not producing new work, the '30s are still yielding undiscovered gems. Kudos to you for finding some of them.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks for the kind words, Malbone. For an even wider exposure to this great music, I heartily recommend listening to the various radio shows links at the left. There are some people doing fantastic work to transfer original 78s so that we can enjoy them for years to come.