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17 March 2012

Trust Me For A Hamburger

Beannachtam na Feile Padraig! (note the green cover). I don't have a lot of the Washboard Rhythm Kings, but what I have has not disappointed me. This really is fun music, and should be part of everyone's collection. From Allmusic.com, "This fourth CD from Collector's Classics (a subsidiary of Storyville) had three complete sessions from 1933 by three overlapping groups: the Washboard Rhythm Band, the Washboard Rhythm Kings and Williams' Washboard Band. The latter features vocals and trumpet playing by Taft Jordan (a future member of the Chick Webb and Duke Ellington Orchestras) that are purposely near-copies of Louis Armstrong. Trumpeter Dave Page and singer Cal Clement take the vocals on the second date, while guitarist Ted Tinsley vocalizes on the final recordings. The goodtime music features five horns, piano, guitar, bass and washboard, with pianist Clarence Profit the best known of the sidemen. Highlights of the joyous set (which contrasts greatly with the Depression that was raging at the time) include "Hustlin' and Bustlin' for Baby," "Dinah," "Happy As the Day Is Long" and "Hot Nuts." Slainte! +


01. Midnight Rhythm
02. A Ghost Of A Chance
03. Hustlin' And Bustlin' For Baby
04. Shuffle Off To Buffalo
05. Swing Gate
06. The Coming Of Hi-De-Ho
07. Going! Going!! Gone!!!
08. Trust Me For A Hamburger
09. Dinah
10. Sophisticated Lady
11. Happy As The Day Is Long
12. Nobody's Sweetheart
13. My Pretty Girl
14. Bug-A-Boo
15. I Want To Ring Bells
16. I Would If I Could But I Can't
17. Hard Corn
18. Hot Nuts
19. Move Turtle
20. Mickey Mouse And The Turtle
21. I Would If I Could But I Can't
22. Shoutin' In The Amen Corner


Campbie™ said...

Chester !
Alright- anything w/ Teddy Bunn is a wondrous day- Had no idea he was in WRKings-only knew him from Sprits of Rhythm. I think he's here acc. to Wikipedia
as ever

JugMan said...

I just love these guys. it's nice to know i'm not alone. I have vols.2-5. Do you have vol.1?? If so could you post it? Please
The JugMan

rm said...

thank you very much, Chester

neil said...

Chester - you're the man!
Many thanks...

neil said...

And echoing JugMan, if you have volume 1, please, please post it!

Chester Proudfoot said...

I wish I had more, but alas!