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06 March 2012

Finger Buster

More great music from, this one covers the very few recordings that Willie "The Lion" Smith made with his own band. Along with Fats Waller and James P. Johnson, he was one of the great stride piano artists of the early jazz era. From Allmusic.com, "his mother was an organist and pianist, and Smith started playing piano when he was six. He earned a living playing piano as a teenager, gained his nickname "the Lion" for his heroism in World War I, and after his discharge he became one of the star attractions at Harlem's nightly rent parties. Although he toured with Mamie Smith (and played piano on her pioneering 1920 blues record "Crazy Blues"), Smith mostly freelanced throughout his life. He was an influence on the young Duke Ellington (who would later write "Portrait of the Lion") and most younger New York-based pianists of the 1920s and '30s. Although he was a braggart and (with his cigar and trademark derby hat) appeared to be a rough character, Smith was actually more colorful than menacing and a very sophisticated pianist with a light touch. His recordings with his Cubs (starting in 1935) and particularly his 1939 piano solos for Commodore (highlighted by "Echoes of Spring") cemented his place in history. Because he remained very active into the early '70s (writing his memoirs Music on My Mind in 1965), for quite a few decades Willie "the Lion" Smith was considered a living link to the glory days of early jazz." Enjoy. +


The Gulf Coast Seven
01. Santa Claus Blues
02. Keep Your Temper

03. Rock Jenny Rock
04. It's Right Here For You

05. Finger Buster06. There's Gonna Be The Devil To Pay
07. Streamline Gal
08. What Can I Do With A Foolish Little Girl Like You?
09. Harlem Joys
10. Echo Of Spring
11. Breeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)
12. Swing Brother Swing
13. Sittin' At The Table (Opposite You)
14. The Swampland Is Calling Me
15. More Than That
16. I'm All Out Of Breath
17. I Can See You All Over The Place
18. Get Acquainted With Yourself
19. Knock Wood
20. Peace Brother Peace
21. The Old Stomping-Ground
22. Blues Why Don't You Let Me Alone
23. I've Got To Think It Over

Personnel: Tracks 1-2, November 5, 1925, The Gulf Coast Seven. June Clark (c), Jimmy Harrison (tb), Buster Bailey (cl, ss, as), Prince Robinson (ts), Willie "The Lion" Smith (p), Buddy Christian (bj) Bill Benford (bb), "Jazz" Carson (d).
Tracks 3-4, May 23, 1937, The Georgia Strutters. Perry Bradford (v, dir), Jabbo Smith (c), Jimmy Harrison (tb), Herschel Brassfield (cl), Edgar Sampson (as, vn), Willie "The Lion" Smith (p), Gus Horsley (bj), Harry Hull (bb,d).
Track 5, May 14, 1934. Willie "The Lion" Smith (p). Rejected.
Tracks 6-9, April 23, 1935, Willie "The Lion" Smith and His Cubs. Ed Allen (c), Cecil Scott (cl), Willie "The Lion" Smith (p), Willie Williams (wb).
Tracks 10-13, May 22, 1935, Willie "The Lion" Smith and His Cubs. Same.
Tracks 14-17, April 13, 1937, Willie "The Lion" Smith and His Cubs. Dave Nelson (t), Buster Bailey (cl), Robert Carroll (ts), Willie "The Lion" Smith (p), Jimmy McLin (g), Ellsworth Reynolds (sb), Eric Henry (d).
Tracks 18-21, July 14, 1937, Willie "The Lion" Smith and His Cubs. Frank Newton (t), Buster Bailey (cl), Pete Brown (as), Willie "The Lion" Smith (p), Jimmy McLin (g), John Kirby (sb), O'Neil Spencer (d,v).
Tracks 22-23, September 15, 1937, Willie "The Lion" Smith and His Cubs. Same.


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