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09 March 2012

Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year

This is definitely outside the general time span covered in this blog, but it's Lee Wiley and worth hearing in my opinion. The LP was released in 1971 and includes demo sessions Wiley recorded with Joe Bushkin in 1965. Among the musicians on hand are Rusty Dedrick, clarinetist Johnny Mince, trombonist Buddy Morrow, and pianist Dick Hyman. Wiley's voice was obviously not what it once was, however I think it's still a listenable record overall. Even the 1965 demos and outtakes are interesting, as they reveal some of the behind-the-scenes work. As Allmusic.com suggested, this is probably more suited for Wiley completists. Still, given that her recorded output was rather sparse, it's hard to dismiss the album too much. It's Lee Wiley, after all. Enjoy. +


01. Moon River
02. When I Fall In Love
03. You're Lucky To Me
04. A Woman's Intuition
05. I'll Be Home
06. A Love Like This
07. A Sleeping Bee
08. Indiana
09. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
10. I'm Coming Virginia
11. If I Love Again
12. Any Time, Any Day Anywhere
13. Outtakes --When I Leave The World Behind (Take 6)
14. Why Shouldn't I_ (Take 4)
15. The Lonesome Road (Take 3)
16. Some Day You'll Be Sorry (Take 1)
17. I Left MY Heart IN SAN Francisco (Take 1)
18. Indiana (Flawed Take 3)
19. When I Leave The World Behind (Rehearsal And Take 1)
20. When I Leave The World Behind (Take 5)
21. Why Shouldn't I_ (Takes 1 And 2)
22. Why Shouldn't I_ (Take 3)
23. The Lonesome Road (Rehearsal Take 1)
24. The Lonesome Road (Take 2)
25. The Lonesome Road (Take 4)
26. The Lonesome Road (Take 6a-Take 6 With Overdubbed Trumpet)


DonHo57 said...

Many thanks, Maestro Volstead.

Littlegirlblue said...

Thanks, any Lee Wiley record is worth listening to; she and so many other fine jazz singers seem to be completely forgotten :-(((

Anton said...

Dear Chester,

As you know, I am a big fan of Lee Wiley's and have every CD that I have been able to find by her. However, I had no idea that this title even existed, so when I saw it on your website, I went and bought a second-hand copy from Amazon.com, and I am enjoying it as I write this. While I agree that it is meant mainly for completists, there is some great music and some classy singing. I also love the elegan, sparse accompaniment on these sides.

So, Chester, thanks for discovering to me a new set of Wiley recordings that I had not heard before. Hey, how about that short impression on the sound of Chick Bullock to include at the tail end of the article about him that I am preparing for my website? :) No obligation, though...



Chester Proudfoot said...

The cd is a good find because it includes the 14 tracks not included on the LP. Speaking of which, I just happened to check the LP and here is the original track listing. I'm curious why the CD changed the order.

Side A
1. Indiana
2. When I Fall In Love
3. You're Lucky To Me
4. A Woman's Intuition
5. I'll Be Home
6. A Sleepin' Bee
Side B
1. Spring Will Be A Little Late This Year
2. I'm Coming Home Virginia
3. If I Love Again
4. Any Time, Any Day, Anywhere
5. A Love Like This
6. Moon River

Personnel on these tracks: Rusty Dedrick (trumpet, flugelhorn, leader & arr), Buddy Morrow (trombone), Dick Hyman (p, org), Bucky Pizzarelli (g), George Duvivier (b) and Don Lamond (d).

These were recorded October 4 and 11, 1971.

@Anton, I'll see what I can scratch up and send you something. I've been really busy with work lately.

nogrub said...

Yes ! I'm a completist too. 'would like to have this one especially for the extras, out-takes etc. However the link is down. Please can you reup
very soon? many thanks, Roger

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again!