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30 March 2012

Hell's Bells

The fourth entry in the Classics' series, this set shows the Lunceford orchestra in fine form. It's easy to see why they were regarded as one of the top bands of the era. Looking at the title, Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet seems to promise something dreary from days gone by. Au contraire, Lunceford et al give another jumping performance. Dan Grissom does a fine job on vocals (track 18) that reminds me of Pha Terrell of Andy Kirk's 12 Clouds Of Joy, only much better. Trummy Young does a fair job as well on the title of this post. From Allmusic.com, "For this entry in Classics' complete reissuance of Jimmie Lunceford's recordings, the biggest news for the band was the addition of trombonist Trummy Young who, in addition to being a major soloist, had vocal hits in "Margie" and "'Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It)." Other highlights of this well-rounded CD include "Annie Laurie," "Sweet Sue" and "By the River Saint-Marie." Enjoy. +


01. Hell's Bells
02. For Dancers Only
03. Posin'
04. The First Time I Saw You
05. Honey, Keep Your Mind On Me
06. Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet
07. Pigeon Walk
08. Like A Ship At Sea
09. Teasin' Tessie Brown
10. Annie Laurie
11. Frisco Fog
12. Margie
13. The Love Nest
14. I'm Laughing Up My Sleeve
15. Down By The Old Mill Stream
16. My Melancholy Baby
17. Sweet Sue, Just You
18. By The River Sainte Marie
19. Rainin'
20. 'Tain't What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It)
21. Cheatin' On Me
22. Le Jazz Hot
23. Time's A-Wastin'


Phil said...

Hi Chester,
Thank you very much for the Jimmie Lunceford albums. There's some great music as you hear the band transitioning from jazz to swing in the years covered.

Colonel Dan said...

I Just Recently Discovered Your Site (& What A Site!! )You've Done A Phenomenal Job,Posting Wonderful Music.A Giant Tip Of The Hat To You!
I Was Wondering:Would It Be Possible To Re-Post:"McKinney's Cotton Pickers 1928-1929" & "McKinney's Cotton Pickers 1930-1931/Don Redman 1939-1940"?(Both Are Dead Links (I Was Able To Download "McKiney's Cotton Pickers 1929-1930" & It's GREAT- It Wouls Sure Be A Treat To Get The Two Accompanying Discs)
Keep Up The Great Work & Congratulations On The Best Site Out There!
Colonel Dan

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, Colonel Dan. It's always good to know that there are more people who appreciate all this fantastic music.

I'm re-upping the McKinney posts. If there are other dead links, just let me know. But if you could post a request on each particular post it helps me keep things straight. Cheers.