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01 March 2013

Si Sabes Que Te Quiero

Since I missed all of February, the first month in more than 4 years that I failed to at least post one selection, this month will be chock-full in comparison. Although this blog prefers music from the Prohibition era and on into the 1940s, one thing it is not is North-America centric. Some fantastic music came from beyond US borders. And I love Latin American music. With that, here is Miguelito Valdes who was famous worldwide.

Miguelito began his musical career in the Sexteto Habanero Infantil, where he played, variously, the guitar, tres, double bass, timbal and sometimes sang. Soon, his capability as a singer was realized, and from that moment he was constantly in demand. After a brief spell with María Teresa Vera's Sexteto Occidente, he was one of the founding members of the Septeto Jóvenes del Cayo in 1929. In 1933 he moved to the charanga of Ismael Díaz, and then to the Charanga Gris, directed by the pianist and composer Armando Valdés Torres, and to the Orquesta Habana, directed by Estanislao Serviá.

In 1934 he made his first journey abroad, to Panama, and on his return joined the Orquesta Hermanos Castro, which was a leading band of the day. He was their lead singer until 1936. In 1937 he joined a group of top musicians who formed the Orquesta Casino de la Playa. He was now perhaps the top singer in Cuba, on the verge of international fame. In 1939 the La Playa toured South and Central America, and started a series of recordings for RCA Victor which would make them famous throughout the world.

In 1940 Valdés briefly joined the Orquesta Riverside (another of the big Cuban bands) before emigrating to New York, which became his home base for the rest of his career. In New York City he worked for Orquesta Siboney de Alberto Iznaga, Xavier Cugat, Tito Rodríguez and Machito. He directed his own orchestra for a few years, and made some successful recordings with it in 1949/50. He appeared in a number of films, and was known as "Mr. Babalú" after his performance of Marguerita Lecuona's Babalú. Miguelito recorded this number with three top orchestras: Casino de la Playa in Havana, and Xavier Cugat and Machito in New York. He recorded with the renowned band Conjunto Sonora Matancera in 1951, 1977 and 1978.

Miguelito was regarded as one of the greatest soneros and guaracheros in Cuban music. Although non-African, his interpretation of Afro-Cuban lyrics was remarkable. Numbers he composed include Mondongo, Rumba rumbero, Loco de amor, Los tambores, Oh, mi tambó, Bongó, Dolor cobarde. He died from a heart attack during a performance in Bogotá. (from Wiki). Enjoy! +


01 - Pa' La Risuena
02 - Los Venecianos
03 - El Manisero
04 - Tu
05 - Elube Chango
06 - El Reino De Tus Ojos
07 - No Hay Como Nadie Como Tu
08 - Los Componedores
09 - Yo Son Macua
10 - Jose Isabel
11 - La Bata De Olla
12 - Si Sabes Que Te Quiero
13 - Adios Africa
14 - La Conga Negra
15 - El Perro Y El Gato
16 - Yo 'Ta Namora
17 - La Cancion Del Guajiro
18 - Funfunando
19 - Mi Comparsa
20 - Dejate Enganar
21 - La Conga De Quirina


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