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26 March 2013

In A Little Gipsy Tea Room

March madness rolls along! I'm willing to bet that most people have never heard of Bob Howard, which is a shame. He was fairly prolific in the 1930s and put out some very nice sides. From the first, it is obvious how much these recordings were influenced by Fats Waller and Louis Armstrong. As the liner notes suggest, when Victor began publishing Waller, Decca rushed to sign Howard in an attempt to cash in on Waller's popularity. Despite the similarity of style, Howard was talented in his own right and these recordings deserve to be heard on their own merit. Among those who performed on these sessions (January, 1932 - July 1935) are Benny Carter, Buster Bailey, Teddy Wilson, Cozy Cole, Rex Stewart, and Billy Taylor. Not bad company to keep! I've got three more Bob Howards to share in future posts (courtesy of another collector). Enjoy! +


01. You Rascal, You
02. All Of Me
03. It's Unbelievable
04. Whisper Sweet
05. Throwin' Stones At The Sun
06. You Fit Into The Picture
07. You're The Top (contd.)
08. The Ghost Of Dinah
09. Pardon My Love
10. Stay Out Of Love
11. I'll Never Change
12. On The Night Of June The Third
13. Breakin' The Ice
14. Corrine Corrina
15. Ev'ry Day
16. A Porter's Love Song To A Chambermaid
17. I Can't Dance
18. If The Moon Turns Green
19. Lulu's Back In Town
20. In A Little Gipsy Tea Room
21. I Never Saw A Better Night


Barron said...

Wow. This is quite the burst of activity. Thank you, Chester. Lots of good stuff here to make the week go by faster.

Bill said...

Sure it sounds like I've heard it before, but it still beats the radio!--Bill

vilstef said...

You've come up with a ringer I've never heard of. Waiting for the download to complete! :)

Campbie™ said...

Chester- Campbell here writing after too long a time. It's people like you who make this world a better place. I had never heard of Bob Howard- you are a teacher of the highest calibre

David Lobosco said...

Great stuff - amazing! You are a true hero and patron saint to lovers of good music!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Aw shucks, all. I'm just trying to do y small part in sharing back. Lately I'm trying to make up for lost ground while I wait for a project to come in. I still can't believe I missed a whole month!

I'm sure some of you know about it already, but if not, you should check out Andy Senior's Radiola! weekly offering of transcribed 78s (see the link in "My Links"). He also has the music on Live365, and it's the way all radio should be.

Rick said...

Thanks! Howard was featured on at least one of the Stash LPs I used to buy in the 70s, and this is a nice addition to other tracks I've gleaned from the Internet.