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31 March 2013

Let Yourself Go

Closing out the month with a bang! For all the excellent work that Classics did in compiling this great music, there were sometimes complaints about missing and erroneous tracks. I can't speak to the former, but the Bunny Berigan 1935-36 disc was issued with the unforgivable sin of deleting Chick Bullock's vocals. They were why I had bought the cd in the first place! Thanks to a fellow collector, I'm able to share this. All is well now, as Classics made up for the inclusion of those tracks (which I believe had come from a 1960s Berigan LP - so beware should you be record browsing and contemplate purchasing it). The Berigan / Bullock combination on Let Yourself Go is alone worth picking up the entire 3-cd set, in my opinion. Both are in fine form. ... The set starts off with a couple of Chick Webb instrumentals, the last before Ella Fitzgerald joined the band. In addition to these, there are some really interesting and / or alternative tracks here from many of the artists familiar to listeners of this series. Band title of the set goes to Louis Armstrong and Buster Bailey for their Red Onion Jazz Babies. Enjoy! + + +


Disc 1
01 - Who Ya Hunchin'
02 - In The Groove At The Grove
03 - Night Wind
04 - If The Moon Turns Green
05 - Devil In The Moon
06 - Louisiana Fairy Tale
07 - Boats
08 - Fish For Supper
09 - 'Ats In There
10 - Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
11 - Rain, Rain, Go Away
12 - Summertime
13 - Pistol Packin' Mama
14 - Redman Blues
15 - Great Day In The Morning
16 - Midnite Mood
17 - Dark Glasses
18 - Mickey Finn
19 - Carrie Mae Blues
20 - Clementine
21 - I've Found A New Baby
22 - After Hour Creep
23 - Garbage Man Blues
24 - Chickasaw Stomp
25 - Memphis Rag

Disc 2
01 - I Got Rhythm
02 - St. Louis Blues
03 - Lazy Bones
04 - Dinah
05 - King Porter Stomp
06 - Moten Swing
07 - Minor Riff
08 - Satchel Mouth Baby
09 - Close Your Eyes
10 - This Is Everything I Prayed For
11 - Again
12 - Ain't I Losing You
13 - Of All The Wrongs You Done To Me
14 - Terrible Blues
15 - Santa Claus Blues
16 - Cake Walking Babies From Home
17 - Lucy Long
18 - I Ain't Gonna Play No Second Fiddle
19 - If You Can't Hold The Man You Love
20 - Blue Devil Blues
21 - Squabblin'
22 - Smoke-House Blues
23 - Beau-Koo Jack
24 - Exactly Like You
25 - Froglegs And Bourbon

Disc 3
01 - I Would Do Anything For You
02 - Tiger Rag
03 - Bugs Parade
04 - Wall Street Wail
05 - Poor Lil' Me
06 - Are You Hep To The Jive
07 - All The Time
08 - On The Sentimental Side
09 - Pete's Lonesome Blues
10 - Mr. Drums Meets Mr. Piano
11 - Mutiny In The Doghouse
12 - Mr. Clarinet Knocks Twice
13 - Ben Rides Out
14 - Page Mr. Trumpet
15 - J.C. From K.C.
16 - Pete's Housewarming Blues
17 - It's Been So Long
18 - I'd Rather Lead A Band
19 - Let Yourself Go
20 - A Melody From The Sky
21 - Rhythm Saved The World
22 - I Nearly Let Love Go Slipping Thru' My Fingers
23 - But Definitely
24 - If I Had My Way


Campbie™ said...

Wow ! and Wow again !- This is as good or better than any Easter egg Hunt or chocolate from 50+ years ago
Campbell in Montreal

Chester Proudfoot said...

Cheers, Campbie!

DonHo57 said...

Thoroughly delightful...a tremendous Easter treat indeed!!!

Phillip said...

A wonderful syncopated present. Many thanks indeed.

superheidi said...

some amazing tunes, thank you!

iggy said...

Nothing better than a chocolate egg found a week after all the rest. Can't wait to munch. Thanks so much,


neil said...

Been hoping that these missing tracks would turn up some day. Many, many thanks, Chester...

boppinbob said...

What a great compilation. Love the Billie Holiday track. Cheers Chester

enoch said...

Thank you very much for this compilation. Quite nice indeed!

it may be of interest to some of the readers of this blog to know that tracks 9 ("Pete's Lonesome Blues") through 16 ("Pete's Housewarming Blues") was originally released as a kind of early concept album (the premise being that Pete Johnson has bought a house and has nobody to celebrate with. Luckily for Pete, and all of us, some of his friends drop by to help out.) the songs comprised a four 78 rpm set entitled "Pete Johnson's Housewarming". It was recorded (over two sessions in January) and released in 1946. Later on it saw re-release on a vinyl LP (on the great Savoy label) as "House Rent Party" and still later as "Pete's blues". Both Lp versions included five more tracks also recorded in 1946.

The Personnel (In Order Of Appearance):

Pete Johnson - Piano (All tracks)
J.C. Heard - Drums (Tracks 10-16)
Jimmy Shirley - Guitar (Tracks 11-16
Al Hall - Bass (Tracks 11-16)
Albert Nicholas - Clarinet (Tracks 12-16)
Ben Webster - Tenor (Tracks 13-16)
Oran "Hot Lips" Page - Trumpet (Tracks 14-16)
J.C. Higginbotham - Trombone (Tracks 15-16)

One musician (or, as in the case of Track 11, two musicians) join in until the full band is creating some marvelous Jazz and as you can see, all of the musicians can be heard on the final track. This is a remarkable document of a style of Jazz that was very popular at one time.

Sorry, if I took up anybody's time (sometimes I ramble), but I just wanted to say a few words about (what I think of as)an incredible series of recordings.


Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks again, Enoch! This isn't boring in the least by my book, especially since this info isn't evident from the accompanying booklet or cd tray. So maybe we can credit Pete Johnson with having the first concept album, as opposed to the Beatles or Frank Zappa. And he beat them by a good 20 years, at that.

I think this is worth another focused listening considering the concept.