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12 July 2012

Let's Swing It

On the second of four discs in this box set, Condon performs on some pretty good tunes. The first six tunes are with Billy Banks and Jack Bland (see the post for their Classics cd), but best of all. the vocalist on track 5 is none other than Chick Bullock. Thus proving that ... they both did a lot of session work. Also in these first April. October 1932 sessions, we can hear Henry "Red" Allen, Gene Krupa, Fats Waller, Tommy Dorsey and Pee Wee Russell among others. Tracks 7-10 and 11-12 are by Eddie Condon and His Orchestra, recorded October 21 and November 17, 1933, respectively. Check out Russell, Bud Freeman and Max Kaminsky take turns on The Eel (both takes), while Condon and the others keep things shuffling and swinging along. Madame Dynamite is another good one. Murder in The Moonlight starts off five tracks recorded with Condon's buddy Red McKenzie, who proves that even a pocket comb is a jazz instrument when used right. Next up brings in Bunny Berigan, and his signature tune I Can't Get Started. Filling out the disc are tunes performed with the bands of Jonah Jones, Putney Dandridge, Sharkey Bonano and Joe Marsala. This set covers April, 1932 thru April, 1937. See the scans for the complete information. In the meantime... Enjoy! +


01. Bugle Call Rag
02. Oh! Peter
03. Yes Suh!
04. Who Stole The Lock
05. A Shine On Your Shoes
06. Somebody Stole Gabriel's Horn
07. The Eel
08. Tennessee Twilight
09. Madame Dynamite
10. Home Cooking
11. The Eel
12. Home Cooking
13. Murder In The Moonlight
14. Let's Swing It
15. Double Trouble
16. That's What You Think
17. Every Now And Then
18. What Is There To Say
19. Keep Smilin' At Trouble
20. I Can't Get Started
21. Sweet Thing
22. Easy To Love
23. Old Fashioned Swing
24. Wolverine Blues
25. Jazz Me Blues

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