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02 July 2012

Bouncing Around

Depending on your hemispheric location, here's some more Django Reinhardt to get either your summer or winter swinging in the right direction. From the liner notes of volume two, these 23 tracks were recorded between September 9 and December 28, 1937. The opening sides illustrate the Louis Armstrong influence on Philippe Brun. Django then plays two tremendous solos, discretely accompanied by guitar and bass. The next few sides by the Quintette are not particularly well-known, but swing incredibly. On December 14th, Django and his friends recorded two very ambitious sides. Their experiment with Maurice Ravel's "Bolero" proves not entirely successful, whereas "Mabel" includes several highly exciting passages. Violinist Michel Warlop then turns in two attractive sides with mostly obscure musicians, the group anchored by Reinhardt's solid guitar. Even better are the trio sides recorded just before Christmas. A few days later, Django cut another pair of unforgettable solos, "Sweet Georgia Brown" and "Tea For Two." The last four cuts again belong to Philippe Brun: his studio band includes the top French swing musicians of the late thirties on two of Brun's most remarkable recordings. Enjoy. +


Philippe Brun
01. Whoa Babe
02. P.B. Flat Blues

Django Reinhardt
03. Saint-Louis Blues
04. Bouncing Around

Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot Club de France
05. Minor Swing
06. Viper's Dream
07. Swinging with DJango
08. Paramount Stomp

Quintette du Hot Club de France
09. Bolero
10. Mabel
11. My Serenade

Michel Warlop et son Orchestre
12. Serenade for a Wealthy Widow
13. Taj Mahal
14. Organ Grinder's Swing

Django Reinhardt
15. You Rascal, You

Michel Warlop et son Orchestre
16. Tea for Two
17. Chirstmas Swing

Django Reinhardt
18. Sweet Georgia Brown
19. Tea for Two

Philippe Brun
20. Blues

Philippe Brun et son Swing Band
21. Easy Going
22. College Stomp
23. Harlem Swing


vilstef said...

Swining with DJango?

Music to rustle pigs by. B/W You Rascal You!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Lol, on a duet with Pearl Bailey?

vilstef said...

No, with Bessie Smith and a bonus track of Gimme a Pigfoot.

dukdukgoose said...

Thanks so much for this & everything on your blog, Chester... Could you please re-up Django 1937 v1 when you have a chance??? Much appreciated, & keep up the good work...