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19 July 2012

Coppin' A Plea

Anita! Oh, Anita! Ever since I heard Let Me Off Uptown, I was a fan of Krupa, Eldridge and O'Day. What a combination. I suppose this means I need to post some Gene Krupa now to complete the trilogy. For those who are interested, you can watch a video of the aforementioned song on youtube. The MOJ series often includes several alternate takes, and sometimes this can be a bit too much. Do we really need four takes of one song on the same cd? Anyway ...  After Krupa was busted for marijuana possession 1943, O'Day did a month-long stint with Woody Herman, and later a year with Stan Kenton. "Few female singers matched the hard-swinging and equally hard-living Anita O'Day for sheer exuberance and talent in all areas of jazz vocals. Though three or four outshone her in pure quality of voice, her splendid improvising, wide dynamic tone, and innate sense of rhythm made her the most enjoyable singer of the age. O'Day's first appearances in a big band shattered the traditional image of a demure female vocalist by swinging just as hard as the other musicians on the bandstand, best heard on her vocal trading with Roy Eldridge on the Gene Krupa recording "Let Me Off Uptown." After making her solo debut in the mid-'40s, she incorporated bop modernism into her vocals and recorded over a dozen of the best vocal LPs of the era for Verve during the 1950s and '60s. Though hampered during her peak period by heavy drinking and later, drug addiction, she made a comeback and continued singing into the new millennium." (Allmusic.com). Complete scans are included. Enjoy! +


01. Two In Love
02. Stop! The Red Light's On
03. How Do
04. Coppin' A Plea
05. Bolero at the Savoy
06. Let Me Off Uptown
07. Thanks For The Boogie Ride
08. Skylark
09. Bolero At The Savoy
10. Thanks For The Boogie Ride
11. Thanks For The Boogie Ride
12. Pass The Bounce
13. Thanks For The Boogie Ride
14. Side By Side
15. Side By Side
16. Harlem On Parade
17. Harlem On Parade
18. Fightin' Doug MacArthur
19. That's What You Think
20. Barrelhouse Bessie From Basin Street
21. Deliver Me To Tennessee
22. That's What You Think


David Lobosco said...

Wow, you are working overtime posting these great recordings. I don't have time to listen to them all!

DonHo57 said...

Thank you for some fresh Anita to make my day, Mr. V.

vilstef said...

What someone said about Anita can be confirmed on YouTube vids from Jazz on a Summer's Day. (It was a manager who said to her, "You've got a Million dollars worth of talent, kid-and no taste at all) Anita sings beautifully on JOASD, and wears a train wreck of an outfit. A sleeveless little black dress, white gloves, and a hat eccentric even for 1958.

boppinbob said...

Seems a great post Chester, but Depositfiles won't allow me to download for free unless I give them my mobile phone number. Any chance of a change to another file host as there are plenty around now!
Best regards

Chester Proudfoot said...

That's strange because I use a free account and have never been asked for a cell number. I'll see what I can find, but the problem is that the US doesn't allow access to some of the more reliable sites.

Jarbie said...

This is the message that comes up -
"A free 24-hour trial period!
To subscribe enter your mobile phone number in format +447001234567: +
You will receive an SMS which you need to respond to.
The trial period is given for 24 hours and it is not granted the second time."
Quite a change!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Perhaps its a UK issue? My problem is that I have no way of telling if any fileshare site will work elsewhere. But I'll try this coming week.

Chester Proudfoot said...

I send DF a message and this was their reply:

"Dear Chester Proudfoot!
About the subscription contact support@bornpay.com directly.
Any file from our service you may download for free."

Thus, what you're seeing is an advert from another party apparently. I had this happen when trying to dl something from sendspace, but after about 3-4 times I was able to access the real download link.