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08 July 2011

You Made Me Love You

The posts have been fewer lately, however I've been busy with travel and summer. Things should pick up again next month. This compliation is getting a bit far from the Prohibition era music that I like best, but I like Connie Haines' music and she does some songs from the period. My first exposure to her singing was listening to old 1940s Abbott & Costello radio programs where she provided the weekly vocals. About 20 years ago or so I found an address and wrote to her for an autograph. Was I stunned! She sent several items including her autobiography, a cassette (which I still need to transfer), photos, press clippings, etc. Connie Haines got her big break with the Harry James orchestra, where Sinatra also started. Later she made the jump to the Tommy Dorsey orchestra, where Sinatra also went. The two did not get along at all, and apparently some of the band members didn't take to Frank's attitude toward Connie either. Nevertheless, the two sounded great together while with Dorsey. Haines had some solo success including a tribute album of Helen Morgan tunes, and later formed a gospel quartet with Jane Russell, Beryl Davis, and Della Russell. Enjoy. +


1. Why Do I Love You
2. Bill
3. Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man
4. Man I Love
5. Lover Man
6. Stormy Weather
7. My Man
8. You Made Me Love You
9. Will You Still Be Mine?
10. Que Sera Sera
11. Teasin'
12. But What Are These?
13. How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
14. I Must Have That Man
15. What Has Happened To Joe
16. You're Sensational
17. Weary Blues
18. Ol' Man Mose
19. When My Dreamboat Comes Home
20. Mississippi Mud
21. Darktown Strutters Ball


Campbie™ said...

Chester- Campbell here- I know nothing of Connie Haines but ANYTHING you recommend is more than good enough for me.
as ever campbell in montreal

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks, Campbie! You can hear Connie on the Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra sampler in the December 9, 2008 post. Which reminds, me I need to post that entire box set!

JohnnyLovesRecords said...

Just wanted to thank you for all the posts. I too like Connie Haines and look forward to hearing this selection. I would love to know what is on the cassette tape you lucky dawg.


Campbie™ said...

Dorsey and Sinatra ? Yes!

Barron said...

Hey Chester - cassettes deteriorate over time. Best get on with that transfer before the sound turns to mud. ;^)

Thanks for this, and all the other cool music you've posted.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Lol, Barron. I don't know about that, I still have some cassettes that I made in the 70s and they still play. I actually heard of people going back to tape because of how cds deteriorate. In any case, I hope to transfer the tape sometime next month. It's been years since I heard it, but Connie does a nice version of Am I Blue.

Bara no Mitsukai said...

^I think in every case it's up to the individual. My mother took pretty good care of her records, and some from her childhood that she played a lot still play today, I have CDs from my youth that still play perfectly, and yet I've had CDs that barely lasted a few months. Cassettes seem to do pretty good, but it's been a long time since I listened to mine.

Buy Connie Haines is new to me. I LOVE her! Her singing is wonderful and full of personality.