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10 July 2011

Hear My Song Violetta

I didn't plan to post this one quite so soon, however it turns out that I have the box set with me on my travels. Therefore, to follow up the Connie Haines collection here is the first volume of the complete Tommy Dorsey / Frank Sinatra recordings. This is a fantastic collection, first because it contains their complete studio recordings together, second because it lets the listener hear how Sinatra grew as a vocalist, third because it has Connie Haines, and fourth because it shows just how really good the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra really was. Disc Five is a collection of airchecks. Some of my favorites from this disc are tracks 9, 10 and 11. I thought Jack Leonard was a fine vocalist with Dorsey, but Sinatra hits East Of The Sun like no one else, and combined with Tommy's trombone it is tops . I also recommend picking up the set for the booklet information. Enjoy. +


01. The Sky Fell Down
02. Too Romantic (From 'The Road To Singapore') [1994 Remastered]
03. Shake Down The Stars [1994 Remastered]
04. Moments In The Moonlight
05. I'll Be Seeing You (From 'The Royal Palm Revue') [1994 Remastered]
06. Say It (From 'Buck Benny Rides Again') [1994 Remastered]
07. Polka Dots and Moonbeams [1994 Remastered]
08. The Fable of the Rose [1994 Remastered]
09. This is the Beginning of the End (From 'Johnny Apollo') [1994 Remastered]
10. Hear My Song Violetta
11. Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) [1994 Remastered]
12. Devil May Care
13. April Played the Fiddle (From 'If I Had My Way') [1994 Remastered]
14. I Haven't the Time to Be a Millionaire (From 'If I Had My Way') [1994 Remasterd]
15. Imagination
16. Yours Is My Heart Alone
17. You're Lonely And I'm Lonely (From 'Louisiana Purchase') [1994 Remastered]
18. East of the Sun (and West of the Moon) [1994 Remastered]
19. Tommy Dorsey & Frank Sinatra. Head on My Pillow [1994 Remastered]
20. It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow (From 'Louisiana Purchase') [1994 Remastered]
21. I'll Never Smile Again
22. All This and Heaven Too [1994 Remastered]
23. Where Do You Keep Your Heart


Manuel said...

Hi Volstead , writing to let you know link on andy kirk 1939 - 1940 ´s broken. it would be great if it could be made available to d/l . This posts are doozies! Thnks!

OBHS_DNA said...

Aug 23, 2011 and the Sinatra T Dorsey link if inoperative, so maybe I will have to run out and buy it.
-Dan Aument on the shore of Lake Michigan

Chester Proudfoot said...

No worries, I'll be re-upping this and others in the days ahead.

luthier said...

Thanks you for Dorsey-Sinatra Vol. 1. I just downloaded it and I am looking forward to listen to it.