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04 March 2014

Hello Gorgeous

Time flies, only it hasn't been fun putting in 60-70 hours/week. Well, here at last is some more Chick Bullock with Volume 2 of 1932. I've got several of these on 78s, and the Waring tunes appear elsewhere, however for expediency I've opted to pull all of these from mp3s that I've acquired from other sources. I think my hard drive with my Bullock rips is stored away at the moment, and these are all I have access to at the moment, and it's been too long since I've posted more tunes from my favorite artist of the era. Some of these tunes are rather mundane with bland arrangements, but then there are some really nice gems. It would be hard to equal the versions by the Mills Brothers', but both Shine and I Heard are very nice. Dixie and Business in F are nice and jumpy, as they should be, backed by Gene Kardos and His Orchestra. A different Kardos version of the latter is available elsewhere in the blog. Oh, Monah features Dick Robertson backed by a chorus that includes Chick Bullock, which may be the only time he sang back-up (he did trade verses with Cab Calloway on one tune). Another tune, If You Were Only Mine, has a melody that I swear is used in another Bullock recording. I think it may be Crying Myself To Sleep, but I could be mistaken. So much of the music from this era blurred the lines between originality and plagiarism, if not wipe them out altogether. It's amazing that it wasn't known as the Litigious Age. Another enjoyable side is Is I In Love, I Is, backed again by the Kardos orchestra. Listeners may be more familiar with the Dick Robertson version, as he also recorded many of the same tunes presented here. Well, enough of my drivel. On to the music, and let's hope the next installment isn't so far off. *Note: I suggest deleting the image in the download in favor the one above. Enjoy! +


21 April 1932 Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers

01 - Hello Gorgeous
02 - Dixie

21 April 1932 Gene Kardos and His Orchestra

03 - Business In F
04 - Oh, Monah (with Dick Robertson)

13 May 1932 Lou Gold and His Orchestra

05 - Hummin' To Myself

13 May 1932 Gene Kardos and His Orchestra

06 - Is I In Love  I Is!
07 - Why Don't You Get Lost

13 May 1932 Carolina Club Orchestra

08 - Goofus
09 - I Beg You Pardon Mademoiselle

2 June 1932 Studio Orchestra

10 - When You Are Getting Along with Your Gal
11 - Who Besides Me Sits Beside You
12 - When We Ride On The Merry-Go-Round

22 June 1932 Ted Black and His Orchestra

13 - In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town

25 June 1932 Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers
Mannie Klein-t/Jimmy Dorsey-cl/Matty Malneck-vn/Joe Meresco-p/Carl Kress-g/Artie Bernstein-sb/Stan King-d

14 - Shine
15 - I Heard
16 - The Night When Love Was Born
17 - If You Were Only Mine

27 June 1932 Waring's Pennsylvanians

18 - Holding My Honey's Hand
19 - Old Man Of The Mountain

1 July 1932 Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers

20 - Rain, Rain, Go Away


drizzz said...

Thank you Mr. Proudfoot, looking forward to hearing it! The Chronogical (authentic spelling) Chick Bullock is bound to be a collector's item!

Campbie™ said...

Thanks Chester

zerouno said...

thank you

Steinar said...

Thanks! I have Vol.1 - so this one complements it nicely!

Geoffrey Smith said...

Vol. 1 is gone. Will you please re-post?

Geoffrey Smith said...

Oh! Please re-post Vol.1

Baron said...

Thanks Chester

Hit Parade said...

Could you please re-post Vol. 1

Hit Parade said...

Thanks for Vol.2, could you please re-post Vol. 1.

standa-hank said...

thank you, Mr. Chester Volstead

Aldrnarii said...

I have been searching for this album for so long! Specifically this version of 'Hummin' to myself'

I am making a horror game and tie in story in the style of H.P Lovecraft, I may just name the main character 'Volstead' (Chester Volstead maybe?)
In honour to this wonderful upload.
There wouldn't be a problem with that would there? Please do tell me if I don't have permission to.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Glad you like the music! Feel free to use any name you like. Volstead was the name of the senator who introduced the Prohibition legislation, and Chester comes from the Gunsmoke character. Neither are mine to claim.

Anonymous said...

Amazing site! Thank you so much for sharing this music and your thoughts about it.

David Lobosco said...

Even though I hate the breaks in between the blog entries, it is well worth the wait. Thank you so much for really providing a great service to music lovers out there!