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09 October 2013

Turn On That Red Hot Heat

What can I say, it's been that busy. Here's one that may be a little more obscure to many, with info from the liner notes. "Back in the 1930s and 40s, the "girl singer" (as they were then called) perched on the bandstand, usually next to the "boy singer" - keeping time with the music with her hands, feet and shoulders, rising every so often to do a vocal chorus or two at the microphone at centre stage. When she was through, she went back to her seat. Rarely, if ever, was she allowed to sing an entire song. The bandleader was the star, and singers had secondary roles: sometimes, it seems, they were hired as an afterthought, or as a decoration. There were literally hundreds of female band singers. They made countless personal appearances, often traveling by bus, which was where they often ate, slept, and put on their makeup. It wasn't unusual to be the sole female in a whole troupe of musicians. ....

Teddy Grace, from Arcadia, Loo-zee-anna, joined the Mal Hallett Orchestra in 1934, after a brief sting with the bands of Al Katz and Tommy Christian. The response to her personal appearances with Hallett were sensational, to put it mildly! She made the cover of Orchestra World in June of that year. Very few women pushed bandleaders off the covers of music magazines in those early days. The Hallett Orchestra was chiefly a "territory" band based out of Boston, with Hallett himself known as "New England's Dance King."

Teddy Grace, who could sing ballads as well as swing tunes with a country, bluesy tinge (added with an occasional growl or yodel) often stopped the show cold - making dancers forget their swinging steps and crowd around the bandstand just to simply watch her, mesmerized." (David McCain). Enjoy! +


01 - Rockin' Chair Swing
02 - I've Got Rain In My Eyes
03 - The Trouble With Me Is You
04 - Turn Off The Moon
05 - (Have You Forgotten) The You And Me That Used To Be
06 - Alibi Baby
07 - The Life Of The Party
08 - Turn On That Red Hot Heat
09 - You're Out Of This World To Me
10 - I Want A New Romance
11 - (I've Been) Dispossessed By You
12 - Rock It For Me
13 - I'm Losing My Mind Over You
14 - I'm So In Love With You
15 - I'll Never Let You Cry
16 - You And Your Love
17 - Over The Rainbow
18 - Blue Orchids
19 - What Used To Was Used To Was
20 - The Little Man Who Wasn't There
21 - I Thought About You
22 - Happy Birthday To Love
23 - It's A Whole New Thing
24 - Angry
25 - I Wanna Wrap You Up
26 - Red Wagon

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ralph11 said...

This is why I like your blog Chester. You always come up with music I have never heard of before. I can't wait to listen to this one.
A big thank you for all your good work.