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31 July 2013

Leave Us Leap

* Thanks to "rm" for finding the right cover!

This is in a hurry, given that I'm about to miss a second consecutive month. No, this blog is not dead. I still have much to share, it's just that life and work is consuming a lot of my focus at the moment. Still, ... This is a cd I've been meaning to share for some time, though most of the tracks are widely available. The reason I waited is because I can could no longer find the original cd, nor the original cover on the internet. I tried. It was green stripping, if I recall correctly, with an image of Krupa banging away. More than likely it was a fly-by-night European release, since I bought it out there nearly two decades ago. In any case, Krupa is probably the finest drummer that ever was, and these tracks show off that talent fairly well, touching ever so slightly further into his later career than most single cd issues seem to do. The name of the cd is Drummin' Man, which has been used numerous times for various releases (hence the difficulty in finding the right cover), including an LP of Krupa's back in the late 50s or early 60s. With that, I'll see you all next month. Promise. Enjoy! +


01 - Nagasaki
02 - Jeepers Creepers
03 - Do You Wanna Jump Children?
04 - Symphony In Riffs
05 - Drummin' Man
06 - Drum Boogie
07 - Let Me Off Uptown
08 - After You've Gone
09 - Rockin' Chair
10 - Bolero At The Savoy
11 - Massachusetts
12 - Leave Us Leap
13 - Dark Eyes
14 - Stompin' At The Savoy
15 - Opus 1
16 - Lover
17 - How High The Moon
18 - Disk Jockey Jump
19 - Calling Dr. Gillespie


RadioWizard said...

thanks, Chester. I have one Krupa recording, and this will add nicely to my big band selections.

DonHo57 said...

I always love more Krupa, Chester. Many thanks!

der bajazzo said...

Thank you, Chester!

rm said...

is this the right cover?
Affinity CD 1942
thank you very much

Chester Proudfoot said...

Yes, THANKS rm!

der bajazzo said...

No, not quite, rm - Chester's selection has 19 tracks, not 17 and the titles are not exactly the same; so it's a similar but different release.

Steinar said...

Thanks again for the great music!

Chester Proudfoot - please consider adding a secret contact mail to your Profile, thru which people can reach you. The reason for this is Blogspot has started nuking blogs en mass. Recently, a lot of sites have been removed. It's really worrying!

For the latest update on the risk of using Blogspot, please visit

See comments - it is worrying news. :(

Chester Proudfoot said...

There are always risks associated with blogs being removed, however due to the level of spam that I used to get, I decided in favor of not posting any email address.

I regularly back up the blog, and have other sites in the hopper, ready to move if need be. In the event that blogger removes this particular blog, people will only need to google 'Paging Mr. Volstead' to find the new one.

Chester Proudfoot said...

I have not looked at the track listing for the replacement cover, however I am 99.99% sure that this is the correct cover. It's entirely possible that the track listings have changed (e.g., from lp to cd) or the right cover is nearly identical. It wouldn't be the first time. But I will stick with this one, since it is what I remember. I wish I could find the cd again, but it's possible it was 'liberated' along with some others that went AWOL some time ago.

Steinar said...

Thanks for the info, Chester - I took note: I should google 'Paging Mr. Volstead' if this blog disappears.

Just as I am writing three more blogs I follow were nuked:


It is an eerie feeling - I usually visit my blogs like every second week - now I have the feeling that I am having sleepless nights over an old grandmother - it's like it's not a matter whether she will recover...it's a matter when she will pass away. So nowadays I visit (the remaining) blogs on my list at least every second day!