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26 December 2012

Barrel House Stomp

What can I say, it's been another busy month. Which is good considering that it is summer and people travel. Squeaking one in before the end of the month, and making sure that there is at least some continuity here, I offer some more Chicago jazz. This series is very well done (John R.T. Davies), and you can't beat the liner notes (Brian Rust). The music selection is good, though I do wonder if we need three takes of the same tune. That's strictly for purists, while I think most people would be satisfied with another handful of tunes. Regardless, it's good listening. The tunes span a period between December 1927 and January 1930, with musicians including Red McKenzie, Eddie Condon, Frank Teschemacher, Bud Freeman, Gene Krupa, Mezz Mezzrow, Bud Freeman and other usual suspects. Good stuff for the new year's celebrations. Scans included. And to all who enjoy the music here, have a great 2013! Enjoy! +


01. McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans - Sugar
02. McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans - China Boy
03. McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans - Nobody's Sweetheart
04. McKenzie & Condon's Chicagoans - Liza
05. Charles Pierce & His Orchestra - Bull Frog Blues
06. Charles Pierce & His Orchestra - China Boy
07. Charles Pierce & His Orchestra - Jazz Me Blues - Take 3
08. Charles Pierce & His Orchestra - Sister Kate - Take 4
09. Charles Pierce & His Orchestra - Jazz Me Blues - Take 5
10. Charles Pierce & His Orchestra - Sister Kate - Take 7
11. Charles Pierce & His Orchestra - Nobody's Sweetheart
12. Chicago Rhythm Kings - There'll Be Some Changes Made
13. Chicago Rhythm Kings - I've Found A New Baby
14. Jungle Kings - Friars Point Shuffle
15. Jungle Kings - Darktown Strutters' Ball
16. Frank Teschemacher's Chicagoans - Jazz Me Blues
17. Louisiana Rhythm Kings - Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
18. Elmer Schoebel & His Friars Society Orchestra - Copenhagen
19. Elmer Schoebel & His Friars Society Orchestra - Prince Of Wails
20. The Cellar Boys - Wailing Blues - Take A
21. The Cellar Boys - Wailing Blues - Take B
22. The Cellar Boys - Barrel House Stomp - Take A
23. The Cellar Boys - Barrel House Stomp - Take B
24. The Cellar Boys - Barrel House Stomp - Take C


bulldogUK said...

Nice download ... many thanks
Happy New Year to you


Steinar said...

As always - great music. Thanks a lot and greetings from Norway!

I just wondered...why rip the thing as 128kbps Stereo? For this type of music, why not rip 128kbps Mono? The difference is there, you see.

sakilov said...

Thank you, and a Happy New Year to everyone here!

Chester Proudfoot said...

Thanks. More than likely I neglected to adjust the settings when I converted the file to mp3. I'll try to remember re-encode it and update the file.

D.J. said...

I hope you don't mind. I added your blog link on mine [On The Edge Of Country]. You have a nicely done, high quality blog that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys listening to different styles and genres of music as a lot of us do. If you rather I didn't post a link. Let me know and I will remove it.

Chester Proudfoot said...

DJ,I don't mind at all. I need to update my blog links and will add your excellent site.

vilstef said...

Any and all discs by John R T Davies are welcome indeed! Thanks, Chester!

Chester Proudfoot said...

I managed to collect a handful, plus some provided by others. All too be shared, such as today's.