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26 February 2012

Banking On The Weather

Banking on the weather, and today it's mid-30s and hot. Again. Today's entry comes from the Crown label, which lasted all of 1930-1933 until it was done in by the Depression. Fortunately several cds have been made available from TOM, and can be found at worldsrecords.com. Russ Carlson & the High Steppers is my second-favorite (after Charlie Palloy) of these, and no wonder, given that many of the sidemen used on the Carlson recordings were the same used in Chick Bullock sessions from the same period. Likewise, Bullock recorded no less than twelve of these same titles. These particular records were made in 1931-1932, and include vocals by Elmer Feldkamp, Dick Robertson, Harold Van Emburgh and others. As for Carlson himself, Randy Skretvedt writes in his lengthy liner notes, "Although little is known about Russ Carlson, he had a distinctive style as a pianist. Even though he doesn't solo often (usually being heard best as the backing to the vocalist) he has a full, somewhat florid way of playing; it's happy and bubbly." I'm sure you'll agree that this is a must-have for any collection. Enjoy. +


01. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - Banking On The Weather
02. High Steppers - The Cop On The Beat
03. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - Everyone Says I Love You
04. High Steppers - Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
05. High Steppers - Love Is Like That
06. The High Steppers (Teddy Lang's Orchestra) - When You're Over Sixty
07. High Steppers - Rain Rain Go Away
08. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - Three On A Match
09. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - Sleep Come On And Take Me
10. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - Thou Shalt Not
11. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - Lawd You Made The Night Too Long
12. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - Holding My Honey's Hand
13. High Steppers - There's Oceans Of Love
14. High Steppers - Little Girl
15. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - You're Blasé
16. Harold Van Embrugh and His Orchestra - Cabin In The Cotton
17. High Steppers - Is I In Love
18. Harold Van Embrugh and His Orchestra - Happy-Go-Lucky You
19. High Steppers - Crazy People
20. High Steppers - How's Your Uncle?
21. High Steppers - You Can't Stop Me From Loving You
22. High Steppers - Just A Blue-Eyed Blonde
23. Russ Carlson And His Orchestra - My Heart's At Ease
24. Harold Van Embrugh and His Orchestra - In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town
Happy 105th, WPT.


Campbie™ said...

WHen it's 30'there it's minus 20 here- what a world !

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ain't it grand? I was in Parry Sound once for New Year's when it was -28! Bonfire _on_ the lake, pick-up hockey with brooms & a grapefruit, and sufficient amounts of liquid motivation. Ah....