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07 January 2012

Pagan Paradies

Hi-ho, doin' the new low down! For the first post of the new year, here is another Classics offering of Don Redman and His Orchestra. No Chick Bullock vocals here, but well worth the purchase. Redman shares the arrangements with Horace Henderson, and the vocals with Harlan Lattimore. Doin' The New Low Down brings together three of my favorite artists of the era: Don Redman, Cab Calloway and the Mills Brothers, and this is on top of an orchestra that includes Henry Red Allen, Bill Coleman and Benny Morton. Just a whole lot of good listening. Since I forgot to include the scans with the upload, just click on the images and they should open in full view, then you can save them. Enjoy. +


01. Trouble, Why Pick On Me
02. Shakin' The African
03. Chant Of The Weed
04. Shakin' The African
05. I Heard
06. How'm I Doin' (Hey-Hey)
07. Try Getting A Good Night's Sleep
08. Got The South In My Soul
09. If It's True
10. It's A Great World After All
11. You Gave Me Everything But Love
12. Tea For Two
13. Hot And Anxious
14. I Got Rythm
15. Pagan Paradies
16. Two-Time Man
17. Underneath The Harlem Moon
18. Ain't I The Lucky One
19. Doin' What I Please
20. Nagasaki
21. Doin' The New Low-Down (Instr.)
22. Doin' The New Low-Down (Vocal)
23. How Ya Feelin'
24. Shuffle Your Feet / Bandana Babies


Lobosco said...

I have this CD and it is worth the Harlan Lattimore vocals alone!

drizzz said...

These tracks are new to me, Redman sounds very modern for 1931-1933- Thank You!

Tucumcari's Silent Singer said...

Gov'ment came and took my music!

MegaUpload has been taken out back, raped mercilessly, stabbed, had its guts taken out, and then was left to die in the cybernetic alley-way.

It really pisses me off, especially when it means losing a lot of quality non-copyright music from bygone eras. Something this website has always offered me. I just wish I'd popped back and seen this upload earlier.

Γιάννης Τζανίδης said...

the file Pagan Paradies i dont download

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.