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27 November 2011

When The Day Is Done

It's never the wrong time of year to share some Django Reinhardt. Originally I had intended to begin with the 1935 set but grabbed the wrong one. Guess I'll have to get to that one later. Le Quintette du Hot Club de France was formed in 1934 by Reinhardt and Stéphane Grapelli, with a revolving lineup that originally included Django's brother Joseph (rhythm guitar), Louis Vola (bass), and Roger Chaput (rhythm guitar). The group recorded and toured regularly  1939 when the outbreak of WWII interrupted life. The Quintette was touring in England, where Grapelli chose to remain, while Reinhardt returned to France where he figured he'd be better off (not speaking any English). After the war they regrouped until into 1948. The sound quality of some of these transfers leaves a bit to be desired at times, but the music is incomparable. My favorites here are Ain't Misbehavin', Pennies From Heaven, and The Sheik of Araby. But really there's not a bad recording in the lot. Included are scans. Enjoy. +


01. Django Reinhardt. Exactly Like You
02. Django Reinhardt. Charleston
03. Django Reinhardt. You're Driving Me Crazy
04. Django Reinhardt. Tears
05. Django Reinhardt. Solitude
06. Django Reinhardt. Hot Lips
07. Django Reinhardt. Ain't Misbehavin'
08. Django Reinhardt. Rose Room
09. Django Reinhardt. Body And Soul (04-22-37)
10. Django Reinhardt. When The Day Is Done (04-22-37)
11. Django Reinhardt. Runnin' Wild
12. Django Reinhardt. Chicago
13. Django Reinhardt. Leibestraum No 3 (04-26-37)
14. Django Reinhardt. Miss Annabelle Lee
15. Django Reinhardt. A Little Love, A Little Kiss (04-26-37)
16. Django Reinhardt. Mystery Pacific (04-26-37)
17. Django Reinhardt. In A Sentimental Mood
18. Django Reinhardt. The Sheik Of Araby
19. Django Reinhardt. Improvisation (04-27-37)
20. Django Reinhardt. Parfum (04-27-37)
21. Django Reinhardt. Pennies From Heaven
22. Django Reinhardt. Tiger Rag (07-07-37)


Lobosco said...

I personally like In A Sentimental Mood - but like you said every recording was a winner. Thanks again!

Iris said...

You've got the coolest posts anywhere. Thank you!

Bald Man with a Cowlick said...

Thanks for this! And happy impending Repeal Day.

Roger said...

Can you please reupload the file,

Thanks in advance

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.

dukdukgoose said...

Thanks for the re-up, Mr. P... Much appreciated...