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14 March 2011

On The Air

I've been a bit busier with other things of late, so here's a short one today, just fifteen tunes from Alice Faye radio performances.Although there are no liner notes, most (if not all) of these were culled from recordings of The Fleischman's Yeast Hour. Faye landed her first radio gig with Rudy Vallee's show, and sang there from 1932-1934 - several times without any billing at the beginning of the show. But that was Rudy for you, I guess. Faye also cut several 78s, which I hope to get to in the not too distant future. As I'm away from my cd collection at the moment, the images come from an ebay site. Enjoy. +


1. Hats Off / Mimi / The Scat Song (December 29, 1932)
2. Sittin' Up, Waitin' For You (November 9, 1933)
3. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me (May 11, 1933)
4. Gather Lip Rouge While You May (November 16, 1933)
5. Weep No More My Baby (January 4, 1934)
6. You Can't Play My Ukulele
7. You've Got Everything (October 26, 1933)
8. Dinah (sung with the Mills Brothers, November 30, 1933)
9. Young And Healthy/Oooh, I'm Thinking (May 4, 1933)
10. Old Man Harlem (May 4, 1933)
11. My, Oh, My (June 1, 1933)
12. Happy As The Day Is Long (June 15, 1933)
13. I've Got The World On A String (February 9, 1933)
14. You're An Old Smoothie (sung with Rudy Vallee)
15. Shuffle Off To Buffalo (April 6, 1933)

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