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03 January 2011

How To Eat In A Cafeteria

Happy New Year, everyone! This record combines three of my favorites - Artie Shaw's music, the comedy of Robert Benchley, and old time radio. Two shows are presented here, the Old Gold "Melody & Madness" episodes from January 22nd and April 2, 1939. There are also some extra live band remotes from 1938-1939. Benchley was a member of the infamous Algonquin Round Table, wrote several books, and of course worked in film and radio. The Melody & Madness show resulted of his popularity, however he was not involved in the writing of it, and predictably the show was cancelled in 1939. Although I like Shaw's music, there is nothing out of the ordinary here except to hear that Shaw's band sounds just as good live. Enjoy. +


1. Introduction / Comedy By Benchley
2. Rose Room
3. Benchley
4. My Reverie
5. Downbeat Award
6. Softly as in a Morning Sunrise
7. Comedy (Bounding Broomstick)
8. Oh! Lady Be Good
9. Introduction / Comedy By Benchley
10. One Foot in the Groove
11. Comedy (How to Eat in a Cafeteria)
12. Nightmare
13. I'm in Love With the Honorable Mr. So and So
14. Comedy (Bounding Broomstick)
15. I'm Coming Virginia
16. Introduction / Out Of Nowhere
17. Two Blind Loves
18. Serenade to a Savage
19. I Surrender Dear
20. Hold Your Hats


Campbie™ said...

after a horrid 2010, benchley and shaw bode well for '11

Enoch Soames said...

Thanks, Chester, I've been looking forward to this for months.

Happy New Year!

dreadbagel said...

Link Dead!! :(

Please repost, thanx!!!

Chester Proudfoot said...

The link has been updated. Enjoy.

dreadbagel said...

sorry to be a bother, but megaupload is 'temporarily unavailable'

deleted again?

Anonymous said...

Chester, if you could re-up the two Artie Shaw posts, I'd surely appreciate it.

Happy trails...

Chester Proudfoot said...


Anonymous said...

You are the best!

mtaotr said...

Megaupload says file unavailable...

Chester Proudfoot said...

All Megaupload is unavailable thanks to the Fascist Bureau of Idiots. But the link has been updated and it's ready to enjoy.

Chester Proudfoot said...

Ready to enjoy again.