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March 18, 2013 - I'm now using various file sites with varying success. With over 200 albums listed here, obviously I cannot upload everything at once. So if you're dying to hear something, please post a comment on that particular post and I will move it up in the priority queue. Enjoy!

Any posts taken down as a result of the sniveling coward will be re-upped. Check the link below for where to find them in the event that this site is unable to repost them. Don't forget to bookmark http://whereismrvolstead.blogspot.com/ in the event that the internet terrorists shut this page down.

28 June 2014


Sorry for being AWOL for a while, but rest assured that I haven't given up on this blog yet. I've still got Chick Bullock all the way to 1940 to post! Work has been getting the better of me for a while, and now the World Cup keeps throwing wrenches into my gears. When people say that this country 'stops' for football, it's an understatement. When the national team plays, it's a state holiday. No joke. That means that my work gets rescheduled or cancelled, which means that I have to hustle that much more to pay the bills. I haven't even had time to collect any new jazz finds! Anyway, I'll try to get to the requests for re-uploads this week. And who knows, maybe I'll get around to posting something new. Thanks for your patience.


drizzz said...

Glad to know you're still alive and kickin'!

Steinar said...


bruce said...

I'm glad to hear that our patience will be rewarded.