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17 April 2009

The Cotton Club Legend 1929-1941

1985 seems to have been a good year for jazz compilations on LP. Here's a French issue that covers some of the bands who played at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem. Duke Ellington, Eubie Blake, Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Cab Calloway and more. There were other Prohibition-era clubs such as the Savoy, Roseland, Lafayette, Apollo and Connie's Inn but the Cotton Club was the place to be. Enjoy. +


(side one)
1. A Nite At The Cotton Club - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
2. Market Street Stomp - The Missourians
3. A Few Riffs - Fess Williams and His Royal Flush Orchestra
4. My Blue Days Blew Over - Eubie Blake and His Orchestra
5. Medley of Armstrong Hits - Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
6. Drop Me Off In Harlem - Adelaide Hall with the Mills Blue Rhythm Band
7. Love Is The Thing - Mills Blue Rhythm Band
8. The Lady With The Fan - Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra

(side two)
9. Daybreak Express - Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
10. Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway and His Cotton Club Orchestra
11. Swingin' Uptown - Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchestra
12. 'Long About Midnight - Willie Bryant and His Orchestra
13. The Scat Song - Billy Banks
14. King Porter Stomp - Teddy Hill and His Orchestra
15. Jeepers Creepers - Ethel Waters with Eddie Mallory and His Orchestra
16. Bojangles - Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra
17. Saint Louis Blues - Lena Horne with the Dixieland Jazz Group of NBC's Chamber Music of Lower Basin Street


disphoria said...

if you could repost this link on megaupload that would be great, thanks. I used to love this record until it was stolen at a party about 20 years ago and i've never been able to find it since. I finaly found it on your site and rather frustratingly the rapidhsare file no longer exists... I'm looking forward to hearing this again!

Chester Proudfoot said...


I hate record thieves. Enjoy the music.

disphoria said...

hooray!!! all those years of humming it and now i can hear it again. thanks so much! yes.. record theives always nick your favourite disks - i lost an original pressing of stan getz, the first juan gilberto album and a sergio mendes record the same night... sniff